I am the sole income earner so to speak. Hubby does receive a small disability check and has some triple-net leases and he sub-leases those properties in Indiana so some income there but mostly just repairs, taxes and insurances. It keeps him busy and occupied!

I have a few passive saving programs that I love:

Digit – my referral link but HEY you will receive $5 to start! This passive savings account is used 100% for debt paydown. I average around $300 to $500 a month in savings which I generally do NOT miss the funds taken out!

Acorn – my referral link but again, you will get $5 to start! This program is a little slower on the savings path … I do have an additional $50 taken out per month and just let the funds accumulate.

Ebates – this is a great program if you do online shopping …

CapitalOne 360 Money – can’t locate a referral link but I strongly recommend this. I started out with $10 a week being taken out … currently I’m at $150.00 a week. This is where my $1,000 emergency fund is located. I have a “weekly savings plan” which is the $150 is put in. This account is used for debt paydown, vacation and other bigger expenses.

Swagbucks – I use this as my search engine 90% of the time … I redeem my points for amazon gift cards … great for those Amazon Prime Now deals!

Let me know if you sign up for any of these!

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