30 Days of Nothing, Day 8

$ – $6 ($3 to each kid for lunch today)

Well, after what turned out to be an expensive weekend (day 6 particularly!), I am ready to get refocused and back on track! I can do this!!

Of course, I’m sitting in my office, hungry and realize it’s only 11:40am. I’ve nibbled on my lunch (rice, chicken & peppers, all from freezer) and know I’m going to be dying by the time I get home at 7:15pm. Grrrr.

I realize about 10 minutes ago that I really should have brought one of the 2 liter bottles of soda and the cut up watermelon to have in the fridge here. Odd, I’m only starving on Mondays at the office! I know, I should not be drinking soda. I don’t really drink that much, it’s just when I get a craving for some coke, it’s bad .

Breakfast – eggs & waffles
Lunch – kids got bagels, chips & juice and option to buy if desired
Dinner was kind of up in the air this morning, but when I took the photos, spotted the bag of taco meat that I had made with ground chicken. Out that bad boy came and I grabbed the open can of refried beans & put that in a tupperware dish to rehead too. So there you have it, dinner is tacos and I have everything READY to go when I get home! Woohoo!!

Here’s a pic of the guest kitchen fridge/freezer. The freezer is packed too. The fridge section holds the potatoes (I know, not suppose to put them in fridge, but here in south Florida, they go bad too fast), onions, extra eggs, butter, margarine, whack a biscuits, and juices. Basically my stockpiling fridge

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