Sonny boy goes back to school in 6 1/2 weeks. As a Junior. Oh my. He is down to his last driving lesson on Sunday which is basically a replica of the driving test at the parking lot where he will take it. He has the website to book his license appointment in the background, waiting for someone to commit to taking him.

Princess plans on moving to Orlando in 2 weeks. Ironically, she also ships out to South Carolina in 3 weeks for 10 weeks total. Then off she goes to her individual training, or whatever it’s called for another 10 weeks, coming back sometime in January, I believe. A) why pay rent for 6 months if you aren’t there & haven’t been there? b) Why do I not know much about this whole thing of graduation, individual training (like, where are you going????) AND what are you going to do now that you have dropped your cell phone in a bucket of water??? The thing with Princess continues, stay tuned!

The swine flu statements made today freaked me out a wee bit. Hubby has asthma. Soon to be 50. I probably cross the path of at least 50 people a day. Put the kid in high school and it’s at least 1500 a day. Ugg. Scary thoughts. When the governement makes a statement to be ‘prepared’ that freaks me out.

Unemployement levels could hit 11%. I know that my company does NOT have the money pay me next week. Not to mean I won’t get paid. But we haven’t made any money this month as of yet. The attorney’s have, but not the company itself.

I am on my last roll of papertowel. I have 2 rolls of TP left. I need to cave and do a costco trip (and wipe out the swine flu stuff so I don’t go crazy on stockpiling).

I picked up New England coffee today for $2.99 a bag. Winn Dixie, as much as I hate that store, has it on sale for $3.99 and I have a $1.00 off coupon. A few coupons actually, so I may need to stop daily and buy 2 bags. Why not all in one stop? Because, a) I hate winn dixie and always use their self checkout and b) if you use more than 2 coupons, the register locks up, announces “assistance is on the way” and then you wait for 5 minutes for someone to FINALLY notice that hello, there is someone waiting to check out and get out of the freakin store. Sorry. I just really dislike the stores, all of them.

The cat is out of food. Had enough to feed him dinner. That’s it. Now must go to the store tomorrow. Had stopped at Publix (refuse to buy at winn dixie, had bugs 3 times in the dog food, so they are off the pet food list) and there were some very dark, omnious clouds coming in. Knew I would be caught inside store which of course, would prompt me to shop more without my coupons. Ugg!!

It’s Thursday. Tomorrow’s Friday! For those who work Monday through Friday, woohoo. All others, I know, it’s pretty much just another day!

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