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I can definately tell that Princess is back. My life is all helter skelter … but not in a bad way.

As you may have figured from the previous post, she is back home, safe and sound, where she belongs. Enrolled in 2 classes at the local college, online, which would NOT have been my preference, but at least its a start. Trying to find a job. Not as easy as she had thought. Suddenly all those who said they could get her a job here or there are not so confident. It’s the way life is. Make it on your own baby, don’t rely on someone else to make it happen.

Sonny Boy is doing a talent show this upcoming week with the band. THE band. I’m excited. They’ve apparently sold out tickets. That’s pretty cool. I will not be able to attend because I fly out that morning to meet Hubby in Chicago and then we will go see the folks & fly back on Sunday. Yes, I’m ok with leaving the kids here. 19 and 17. The 17 year old is very conservative. Ying and Yang.

Had a friend over for dinner last night. Made chicken breast and shrooms and black beans and rice. Very frugal meal for entertaining: Chicken breast were marked down organic things, $6.99 a lb normally (??!!!really??) each was (one per package) marked down to about $2 each and I had $2 off meat coupons. So after the 8 packages I bought, I spent about $6 … only cooked 4 of them. The shrooms were marked down to $1.50 for 12 oz package. Marinated them in Kens Lite Cesar Dressing and then wrapped in foil & cooked alongside the chicken on grill. Black beans & rice were leftover from the previous day. I had made them Thursday morning in the rice cooker while getting ready to go to work. How cool is that!? I love my rice cooker!!

There are some great deals going on at Publix right now, primarily the pepperidge farm sandwich flats with a $2 off deli purchase. I’ve been stocking up on some GOOD deli cheese that I would NOT normally buy at $9 a lb. I love a good deal. So these will make great sandwiches throughout the summer (toss in the freezer!) and go well with the super duper cheap lunchmeat I had stocked up on a while ago in the freezer!

I pulled out two small pork roast that I had in the freezer (of course, special mark down, think $2 each?) and they are currently in the crockpot for pulled bbq pork sandwiches tonight (on the thin round thingys with some good cheese) … I’m happy. Trying to make a dent in the freezers. Which is my next dilema:

Target has flank steak on sale for $1.99 lb. That’s like a GREAT price here. Of course, the few times I’ve swung in, they didn’t have any. Which is sort of good because I don’t have room in the freezers YET. I may just try to get a rain check today.

I’m off to Sports Authority to get me a new pair of sneakers. Yes, I think I’m going with the $100.00 as I need to start walking more and hey, if it can give my butt up to a 28% more workout, I’m in! I am still doing the P90X half heartedly but just having a heck of a time staying motivated. If I had someone to do it with it would be so much better (any volunteers out there??)

So that’s that, my week or so in review. Nothing a while lot exciting going on. Oh, Sonny Boy and I went to Guitar Center last Sunday, he was in heaven playing a $7000.00 electric drum set. Wow. I can’t believe that!

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