It’s another rainy Monday morning in South Florida.

I not only wake up to rain, but I also wake up to possible Change.

Change is good. Well, it should be, and most of the time it is in the end. ONCE you get over the fact that it’s Change.

But this could be BIG change.

As in: life altering.

As in: lifestyle change.

Hubby got an email last night around 9pm that there was a conference call at 8am eastern time this morning. That would be 7am corporate office time. NO ONE DOES THAT ON A MONDAY unless it’s big news.

It is.

5am. As always. Fire up the laptop. Google company name.

Being bought out.


Hubby is flipped. Torn. Broke the no F word rule for the month. Several times.

Me, I do a quick tally of what I have in savings and what big expenses are coming up. What can we eliminate. Think quickly, thank God I didn’t just upgrade me & the kids cell phone plans. How much does Princess need this week for classes? And the list goes on.

Amazing how the brain kicks in and starts working. Even at 5:15am.

Me. I’m not so worried. We’ve been through this before, not that many years ago. And we are in a much better position now than we were then. At least I feel we are.

Hubby, not on the same page with me. Not at all positive. Upset. Angry. Betrayed. Hurt. His range of emotions is across the board. He was just at corporate last week. Not. A. Single. Word. or. Gesture. Was. Made. Betrayed. That’s his number one feeling I suppose.

Could take a year for all to take place. Packages. Offers. And so on.

Debating on whether to cancel my trip this weekend. A) expense. B) things that need to be taken care of here on the home office. C) Today’s conference call may have an impact on the “FUN” factor.

Happy Rainy Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Change

  1. I'm saying a prayer for your family in my heart. Right now.Jora


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