The Mother Daughter Relationship

Princess and I have had such an odd time of her growing up.
As a baby, she was great. Started the day I gave birth to her, two weeks early and QUICK. As in “Dude you better hurry or you are going to miss the arrival!” to hubby as he walks down the hall.  Happy go lucky. Never cried for any unknown reason. Slept through the night 85% of the time. Ate veggies (broccoli was her first veggie, and she still loves it the most!) and was always by my side.

Then she went to elementary school. She was always the one bringing home the troubled kids. Ok, not troubled like that, but ones who didn’t have a stable home environment. Like a mother hen. And she didn’t understand why they just couldn’t move in with us?

Then middle school came along. The comment about being poor which really hurt her feelings, and I think, catapulted her instant gratification “I can buy it if I want it” attitude. Funny enough, try as I did to explain the fine art of living frugally yet well was lost on her because she didn’t have the $100 sneakers, and her favorite outfit came from Goodwill. Regardless of that.

Then high school came along. Such a difficult time for most kids. Making issues out of what appeared to be nothing. Exaggerating all kinds of issues making them BIG issues in the end.


Then she graduated. And moved on to boot camp and then Fort Huachuca AZ for training. And then (mercifully, in my deep down honest to God opinion) choosing to remove herself. Moving back with the “boyfriend” to Orlando. Having a few issues and then finally, AT LAST, coming home, where she should have been all along.

And ironically, having the best relationship ever.

Yes, some of it was MY fault as a mom. I sheltered her. I kept her on a tight rein. No, there is nothing wrong with that, but I think I may have had a choke hold on her at times when I should have let her go. Maybe it wouldn’t have become so extreme in other areas?

Now, she’s a young adult. 19 ½. Works. Goes to college (locally). Ask for permission to do this and that whereas before would have flipped me the bird (so to speak) and gone.

Realizing now, that a boy does NOT make her life. Realizing now, that money does NOT buy happiness. And also realizing a little bit, the life of living frugally DOES have rewards …

I love my daughter, my Princess, my angel. And I can honestly say NOW, that she loves her mom.

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