Freezer Cooking

There is a whole new world out there when you start to look into Freezer Cooking.

I mean, check out Life As Mom. Or how about Money Saving Mom. Or even these people linked up at the end of the posts! Their are some pretty creative and smart cooks out there!

I, myself, do NOT do a day or two of dedicated Freezer Cooking.

Believe me, not that I don’t want to.

But I can’t.

I have 3 freezers. 2 are from my side by sides. The other is the garage, over the top of fridge.

And ALL THREE freezers are jammed packed.
Yeah, there might be a few little gaps here and there. But I don’t even have room for ice cream. Yes, sorry state that we are in, no ice cream in this house!
So my goal is to eat from the freezer too. However, it’s a little different. Sure, I have some leftovers stuffed in there. I think I saw a bag of caramelized onions, along with another bag of bbq pork. So yeah, I can say that’s a freezer meal … when really, it’s just leftovers that no body else was excited about eating again at the time.
But mostly, it’s meat. And veggies. Some of the meat is already marinated. Others are just big chunks of stuff (like the 1/3 of a whole pork tenderloin from Costco).  I have filet mignon. I have ribeyes. I have chicken breast. Marinated chicken breast. Unmarinated hunks of chicken breast. Hamburgers. Ground beef (there is a difference, the burgers are already formed, woohoo!)

And then, I have veggies. Large and small of the prepackaged stuff. Large and small of my own packaged stuff. Fruits (bananas, strawberries, blueberries) both prepackaged and mine.

Bacon. We have quite a bit of bacon. I WISH I had precooked it ALL before freezing. But I will make an effort to at least do BLT’s on one sandwich night. That would make the animals (teens) happy, I’m sure!

So more power to the Freezer Cookers. Cooks? Cookies? Cookets? Maybe next month I can join in!

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