Publix Trip – pd $52.19, saved $104.18

I had a few things that I wanted to pick up tonight since it was the last day of the sale.  My original goal was to just do the taters and gravy but then there were a few other things (of course!) that I wanted to get:

6 bags of Steam N Mash taters, $3.99 each but b1g1f
6 jars gravy, $1.83 each
8 tombsone pizzas at $5.95 each, but used my rain check & did b1g1f
Roll of bounty papertowel $2.03
2 bottles of downy fabric softner $5.99 each
2 EAS protein bars $1.25 each
3 bars of philly cream cheese $1.25 each
2 cheddar cheese blocks, $3.19 each
4 hebrew national franks $5.19 each but b1g1f
Tide $8.79
2 orville red. popcorn kernels, $5.07 each, b1g1f
Squishy white bread $1.33 (!!)
2 loaves whole wheat bread, $3.69 each b1g1f
4 thomas bagels (6 per pkg), $3.99 each, b1g1f

And then I used some stellar coupons:
Free roll Bounty
6 $1 off taters
2 $1 off gravy
2 b2g1 f taters (store coupon)
3 $2 off when you get gravy & taters (store coupon, realizing i could have used 3 more!)
2 $1 off cheese chunks
1 $5 off 5 kraft product
1 $5 off $50 purchase
1 $1 off Tide (store coupon)
1 $2 off Tide
2 $1 off downey (store coupon)
1 $2.50 off downey
1 $1.50 off downey
1 $3 off 2 EAS bars
4 $3 off 2 pizzas

I know there are some other coupons that I haven’t accounted for, but total coupon savings was $44.37. BUT now I had to move stuff around in the freezer for the 8 pizzas and the 6 bags of taters … I DID have little holes here & there, but jammed again. I must stay out of the stores!!!

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