Cleaning the Freezers

This is NOT a fun chore for me. It’s almost disturbing….

So far, I’ve gotten th garage freezer “organized”… meaning all the fishy (bait) stuff is contained in to one LARGE ziploc bag and in a little tub (old pull out produce drawer from old refrigerator) so that in the event we ever do get hit with a storm and the power is out for an extended amount of time, that will be the first thing to pull out of freezers.  Yes, fish bait thaws FAST and will stink horrendeously if allowed to do so in a closed environment (freezer) and make everything else smell … trust me, been there, done that.

Also located 2 packages of top sirloin steaks. Think I will make it a point to get those out within the month of October and make some sirloin (or Triple Crown) burgers. Triple Crown is just 3 cuts of beef, sirloin, ribeye and one other that I just can’t seem to think of at the moment.

Veggies, tilapia, smoked sausage, grouper, roll sausage, chicken thighs, and a bunch of other stuff is in there. I’m thinking that will be the first freezer to start eating from 🙂

I did pull out 2 tenderloins from the main freezer this morning. As its forecast to be rainy and windy the rest of the weekend, figured I’d bake these and serve up with some mashed taters I got the other night. Yes, a 100% frozen meal just not cooked yet!

Funny about the pork tenderloins.  99 cents lb. On clearance at BJ’s. Hmmm…I normally would not have bought the hickory sweet stuff but I’ve made one already for pulled BBQ pork and they were pretty tasty. But, look, twin pack. Less that $4 for the 2. Amazing price, in my opinion. However, here’s the “freaky” thing about them … sell by date: August 30, 2008. Uh huh. Oh oh. IF they hadn’t been vacuumed sealed I’d be worried!

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning the Freezers

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