Publix Trip – pd $44.49, saved $85.27

This should pretty much be my shopping for the week, unless Hubby decides on something different 🙂

I paid cash. As a bonus, last night was Meet the Managers night at my store (Oakland Park and Federal Highway) … I know all the managers, they know me, just not by name. Now I know Linda, Glenn and a few others that I’ve forgotten.  As a bonus for meeting all and having them sign  the paper, I got a coupon for a FREE rotisserie chicken. Sweet. That will be applied to next weeks menu (chicken enchiladas??)

Here’s what I got:
6 boxes of Cheerios ($1.99 each less 55 cents each)
2 Crystal lights (b1g1f, 2 $1 off coupons)
10 Kraft cheese (5 shredded, 3 blocks, 3 deli select, 2 $5 off)
3 maybeline mascara ($1.50 off sale price and 3 $1 off)
8 EAS protein bars (4 $3 off coupons, these were actually money makers in the end)
3 lb bag of apples ($1 off produce)
4 cans enchilada sauce (4 50 cents off)
2 deli fresh shaved meats (oscar mayer, 2 $1 off)
2 bakery hoagie rolls (2 $1 off)
romaine lettuce ($1 off)
$5 off $50 coupon applied too.

All was pretty decent deal except the oscar mayer meat, but that’s ok, I needed to stuff some in the freezer (gasp, I know, I actually ADDED something!) … but overall, I’m happy, Hubby is happy that he doesn’t have to eat any more Special K granola, Sonny Boy is happy that he got his favorite protein bars back and Princess is thrilled that I got the little gala apples instead of the HUGE ones 🙂

So how did you all do this week shopping??

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