White Chili Alert!

So a few days ago, I posted a GREAT White Chili recipe over here that one of the guys wife had made. She had joked that it was a sister wife recipe and it was awesome so we all begged for the recipe.

Well, typing the recipe, I though hmmm, that’s alot of beans and not a whole lot of broth and just in general seemed odd … but type I did.

One of the other attorneys wife made it Tuesday for dinner. And he brought in 3 large containers. One for each of us in the office.

A. It’s way too spicy for her and parents. Wouldn’t let the kids have it. He thinks its great so she sent it to work.

B.  It’s more like a “dip” than a chili. Yeah, it’s thick.

C.  She just didnt’ think it was all that great to be raving about but hey, if the group likes it, have at it!

So I brought my container home and thought, heck, I’ll just heat this up tonight instead of doing this soup (even though I made an effort to get all the ingredients out on the counter and organized in the fridge) … Hubby and Princess loved it. As in no more left. I didn’t have any, I wasn’t that hungry … but they devoured it. Hubby said it was good and he really enjoyed it.

So, here’s what I KNOW she did … she used half the cheese (1 lb instead of 2? I think really only 8 oz), a little more broth, I think she needs to chop the chicken a little smaller, 5 cans of bean  … diced chilies and cayenne, which I think probably, only one should have been used?

So if you try the recipe, be forewarned!!

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