I need to start stocking up on food

hehe…just kidding! Really, seriously!!

But, the boy will be here again from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon again for a few weekends in a row I believe …

See, they say they got an offer for a contract.

As in, producer, label, who wants them to record.


Not quite sure what this really means, and have reminded them that only ONE of them is legally old enough to sign a contract such as this AND that the contract MUST come to me to take to one of the boys at the office for review and recommendations.


Of course, Sonny Boy got all offended because I didn’t GUSH enthusiasm immediately. I’m sorry kiddo, I think legal stuff first … but it is GREAT news and I’m very very proud of all 4 of them for all the dedication, time and hard work they apply to the music!

Go Get Em Khaos!

Oh … as for the food stuff? The usual: fruit platters, sandwich fixins, pasta, muffins, plenty of veggie straw chip things, veggie platters, chips and dip, cookies, etc.

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