My cheaper breakfast alternative

Ok, if you’ve been reading me for a while, you know I have a weakness for Burger King … specifically in the mornings on my way to work when I’m tired, had too much too drink, hungry or just generally don’t feel well.

I always, always, ALWAYS buy the same thing …  A number one value size with a coke.

For those who do not frequent BK often (GOOD FOR YOU!!) that would be a sausage patty, egg, cheese croissant, side of hash round things and a small coke.

Total cost? $4.24 now. Was $3.89. Before that, a few years ago it was like $2.99 total.

So it’s expensive. And the coke is usually flat. And the hashbrowns are cold. Just cruddy stuff, but fills my tummy in a time of need.  And don’t even ask me about the calories and the fat content.

Well. Check this out:

I figure that cost me about $1.05 at the MOST.  The little can of soda? 7.5 oz, 90 calories. The bread? Pepperidge Farm Sourdough, B1G1F, $3.59 (2 loaves), eggs are $2.99 for 3 dozen and cheese is tilamook cheese that I paid $5.99 (something close to that) … bacon was $12.99 for 1 lb of precooked stuff (figure 50 slices?)  It made my tummy very very happy this morning, and I still have that $5 in my wallet!
And guess what, I “think” it would be substantially lower in fat and calories just because it was cooked at HOME with Pam for the egg and light butter (yes, I do use it) and such …
PS – yes, that is my desk at work. What a sorry state it is in at the moment. All the bosses are out and I hope to be able to clear it before I leave …. an hour or two early too? AND yes, I did take that picture with the cell phone …

Linked in over at Life As Mom Frugal Fridays (if you haven’t checked out her site yet, you must, it’s one of the first ones I hit every morning!)

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