Menu Plan Monday – Last week of the month!

Wow, it’s almost November. OMG!

I’ve got my anniversary this week and somehow, completely forgot when I was planning out this week. I really really want to go to Chimas for dinner on Tuesday and use our certificate (it’s a buy one get one free so dinner would be $50 instead of $100+) but not so sure after this weeks shopping event at Bed Bath and Beyond (it was Hubby, NOT ME!).

So in my attempts to keep sanity, I’m joining again over at Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … check it out, there are 100’s of others out there!
Sunday – Manicotti with garden salad, herb vinaigrette and toasted italian bread
Monday – Chili cheese dogs (dogs in freezer, cheese in fridge, chili in pantry)
Tuesday – OUT or garlicky chicken and noodles
Wednesday – Soup and sandwiches. Would like to make a soup but most likely will be canned and doctored up from pantry
Thursday – Pizzas (frozen from freezer)
Friday – Sausage and peppers (sausage from freezer, peppers and onions from fridge … hope to make homemade italian bread using The Frugal Girl recipe)
Saturday – Appetizers … thinking of crackers and spread, cut cheese (cracker barrel, dirt cheap at Publix), tater skins (taters in fridge, cheese in freezer, bacon bits and sour cream in fridge, chives/green onions from garden!), Buffalo chicken dip, spicy meatballs, brownies/cupcakes/cookies (all from pantry, not sure which, will have the kids bake as it’s for THEIR friends), chips and dip (salsa in pantry), smoked fish dip (tuna in pantry and the rest is hubby’s secret but I have all).  All I really need is to double check the status of the crackers, and maybe get a loaf of french bread.
Sunday – Tater soup (using meat from tater skins) and salad.

Yes, I took it over to Sunday. I wanted to finish out the month. And now I’m freaking out again. Property taxes are due in November (uhhh, MORE than my car insurance), Hubby’s 51st birthday, Thanksgiving, then the 2 kids birthdays (OMG, 18 and 20!!!!!), boat parade party, Christmas in the Midwest with family and then it’s New YEAR!! I think I’m having an anxiety attack. Excuse me now.

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Last week of the month!

  1. Looking for some good meal ideas. Happy Menu planning. Have a great week.Nina (Author)


  2. Thanks Nina … I've bookmarked YOUR potato soup to maybe try on Sunday instead of the one I have now … I'll let you know how it goes!


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