Freezer Inventory – Main Kitchen

Its downright chilly here this morning. 54 degrees at 8am … I’ve got windows open (not all the way!) and the house is cool so I figured now was the time to tackle this project!

The funny thing … as I’m pulling stuff out (one shelf at a time) I see instant dinners in the making so I started to write things down, like for instance, the top shelf has the breaded chicken and 2 bags of mashed taters, so I grouped those together and wrote down on the side of my list, mashed taters & fried chicken, and then roast beef au jus sandwiches (RB lunchmeat & half loaf of Italian bread) and Hot browns (cooked turkey breast (good lord, I’m not sure when I froze these, but they are large chunks off a roasted turkey) and so on… so this WAS good to do that will definately help with the SRS this month!

I did throw a few things out, a couple bags of bananas that were brown, a bag with 3 lonely freezer burned strawberries. Apparently the kids have been tapping into the freezer for food as there were things opened (raspberries) and used with just a few things left in the bag … the tortellini was ripped open (my pet peeve) … but most of all, imagine my surprise that there were no blueberries? This is the freezer where they would be.

Here’s what I started with at about 9:10am:

And after (about 10:15am):

So there you have it. One down, one to go. I feel a little better about doing this now … I realize that the best
thing was to go one shelf at a time, i.e. empty the shelf, inventory and put back, and then to the next one. Yeah, it’s not as “organized” as it could be but it’s a heck of a lot better. So I’m off to look at the other 2 and decide which one is next!

If you really want to see whats all in this fridge, here you go:
Cooked/Roasted turkey breast (big hunks in ziploc) x 2 bags
Chicken Breast – Ziploc with 2 large and 1 individual (organic)
Chicken Wings (raw)
Popcorn chicken – ¼ bag
Spicy chicken patty – combined 2 bags in to 1
Breaded chicken, raw
Ropa Vieja (cooked) chicken
Bag of 5 flame roasted chicken breast (raw)
Pork loin (1/4 of whole)
Italian sausage
Adele chicken Italian sausage
Turkey bacon
Cooked bacon x 2
Hot dogs x 3
Better Cheddar brats/sausage (what are these really?)
Sirloin steak x 3 (large steaks/slabs)
Hamburger (1 lb Ziploc 80/20) x 2
Hamburger patties (these were not so great) x 2 large Ziplocs
Hamburger patty (sirloin) x 1 lonely burger
Boca crumbs
Lunchmeat x 4 pkgs
Shrimp ring (medium size)
Shrimp – raw x 2
Clam strips (large Ziploc bag with a few individual bags in same general area)
Mahi mahi (enough for 1 meal)
Mashed taters x 5 bags 4 bags now
Broccoli 1 bag and 1 box
Raspberries (consolidate 3 little open bags into 1 large Ziploc)
Veggie medley (boxed and sauced) x 5
Pepper and onions cooked
Onions (minced, diced) x 4 bags
Peppers (red and orange sliced) x 2
Peppers (green, sliced) x 1
Asparagus tips
Whole ginger
Cheddar cheese shredded
Fresh mozzarella x 3
Pizza dough
Toaster strudel (4 left)
Waffles x 2 1
Italian bread, ½ loaf
6 pk apple muffin (costco)
Deli flat bread
Bag of Tortellini
Chicken stirfry x 2
Banquet frozen dinner x 3 (kids)
3 oz cooked chicken and steak x 5 pieces
Bag of pinenuts
Fried assortment (mixed small bag)
Raspberry zingers (2 lonely ones)
Apple raspberry
Grape juice

Updated on Tuesday, November 9th to remove what’s been used … figured this is a REAL good way to keep the inventory in line … !

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1 thought on “Freezer Inventory – Main Kitchen

  1. Great freezer organizing ideas!


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