Aldis Trip

I went. I saw. I bought. I left.


1.  The place was mobbed when I go there.

2. Entrances and exits and parking aisles were blocked.

3. Some crews were there cutting down trees, cutting asphalt, etc. that just wasn’t cool. I had barricades all around my truck when I came out. Kind of ticked me off that they couldn’t wait til the store was closed, or blocked off the whole thing before I parked.

4. Customers were rude. Just didn’t get the whole concept of paying a quarter for the cart (hey, you will get it back if you aren’t so lazy to leave it wandering around the parking lot!) and the fact that they had to either PAY for bags OR bring their own.

5.  Even worse was when they found out it was CASH or debit only … no credit folks!

6.  Not in the best of areas. Probably one of the worse areas to be (in my opinion). BUT I have to say, they’ve totally upgraded the plaza area where its at … just thought there would be more security/police presence … I only say this because walking back to my car, there were probably 10 kids or so (all around 12-14 years old?) cruising around on their bikes right up to people loading their cars. I mean, like seriously kid, don’t make me practice my old boxing skills on you type of stuff. Little twerps, probably had weapons on them. Would NOT go after dark. Enough said.

So. Now that I got THAT out of the way.  Aldis is Aldis. Very few name brands. Very basic layout. But I found things I was looking for:

Milk (no matter what percent) $1.99 gallon. Beats Costco.
Bananas 39 cents lb, beats Costco (and not Costco sized!)
Apples, 3 lb bags for $1.29. Beats Costco (and Publix, who has apples for $1.79 per POUND!)
Romaine lettuce (3 per bag), $2.00 BUT they were kind of puny so I passed
Half and half, $1.99. I bought only because I needed.
Whipping cream, (heavy), $1.59 CHEAP, bought one
Corn beef hash (the one thing hubby always ask for) $1.49. Totally beats Costco and Publix.
Canned goods were pretty cheap, mandarin oranges were 49 cents, black beans were 55 cents which I haven’t seen that low in a while, pears halves $1.39 and so on.
Brown & serve rolls that we love to have were 89 cents a package. This is way cheaper than store SALE price of $1.50. Same with bagels, $1.39 … have to ask Sonny boy how they are.
I only picked up pringles and a bag of pretzels from snack aisle. We just don’t need that crap but they were $1.19 for TALL can of pringles and $1.29 for pretzels
Tissues, 3 ply were $1.19 which beat this weeks sale of $1.25 a box.

There were a few things that I passed by. The meat didn’t seem to be a stellar deal (plus I’m fairly stocked at the moment) … tons of frozen items to choose from, but I have NO room in my freezer, trying to clean that out AND have started to look at the labels of some of that premade stuff, just freaks me out a little!

Oh, I also got 2 5lb bags of flour for $1.19 which is the cheapest I’ve seen in a while – Publix has Gold Medal on sale for $1.99 at the moment … will try this and see how it is (hmmm…maybe I can finally get around to the Artisan Bread? … which, by the way, the recipe link no longer carries the recipe!) …

So, will I go back? Yes. I think the milk could be the number one thing for me. I need to have everyone try it (can you believe I have MILK SNOBS in the house??) and give me their opinion …

Oh I’m sorry…what was that? How much did I spend? Ummm, hmmm … $63. Yeah. Depleted my cash … crap.

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