Celebrating with Teens

I’m still not quite sure what we were “celebrating” but I had a house full of teens Saturday with a little advance notice (thankfully!)

The Rock Stars did a photo shoot at noon and were to be back in a few hours. Umm, teenspeak means we don’t know how long that really is.

Regardless, I headed to Aldis early and wanted to stop at Walmart and GFS too … but midway into the trip at Aldis, Hubby called that he needed me to stop at the auto store on the way home. Crumb. That meant he was at a standstill doing work on my truck. So I didn’t do Walmart (jalapeno plant shopping, that’s all, honestly) and rushed the Aldi trip (forgot coffee and a few other things, oh well).

Stopped at auto store and picked up what he needed and rushed through GFS and got 2 bags of precooked and seasoned buffalo chicken wings ($9.99 each, which think about it, cooked weight is 5 lbs for $2 a pound?!) and a 5 lb bag of oranges for $5.99.

Came home, gave Hubby his part to finish his work and set about cutting 4 oranges, 2 lbs of strawberries and cleaned the 2 lbs of green grapes from Aldis ($1.99).

Absolutely delicious and pretty much ravaged by the end of the day!  Also served up some Oscar Meyar Select Angus Franks ($2 each on sale with peelie coupon at Publix this week, almost as good as the current B1G1F deal) which I highly recommend as all natural, nitrate, nitrite free, no byproduct, etc. and burgers with chips and dip (sour cream and onion soup mix) guacamole and tomato stuff (tomatoes and jalapenos from garden). Still trying to pawn off the crappy Healthy Kids Honest juice that started up an interesting conversation about food … rather impressive that these 17 and 18 year old kids from different backgrounds/families/upbringing are all conscientious about food choices and where food comes from (which brought up the icky discussion about hot dogs and by products *gag*) Of course, 4 of the 10 were guzzling coca cola 🙂 but at least that has full disclosure on the can and does NOT try to come across as healthy!

If you look closely at the plate above, you will see that it’s my prized fish serving dish that I got for $1 a few years back. It has a tiny chip on the fin and I figured it was no worse than anything else in my kitchen so I gladly paid the $1.  I didn’t use it for the longest time for fear of *breaking* it … but then realized that it’s stupid to have stuff in the house that can’t be used. So out it comes now … and I always get comments on it (even from teens).

We ended up doing the wings that evening for OUR adult friends and the kids that were staying overnight.

All in all a good thing, as the fruit made a reappearance this morning for breakfast!

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