What a great 3 day weekend

I got out of the office by 2pm. Was home by 3:30 after stopping at the store.

Made some chicken skewers … which were delicious.

While eating dinner, I thought, odd, my throat is really sore. Hmmm, maybe I just scratched it on some food or something. But it hurt pretty bad.

The next morning, it REALLY hurt. And I had sniffles!

What? How can this possibly be??

I’ve had like 3 colds now in 3 months. Geesh. All while I’m trying to eat healthier and everything!

My only conclusion is the GYM. Yeah. The Gym. You know, medicine balls, kettle balls, weights, etc.? Yeah, we use sanitizer but seriously, I wonder just what’s in them bottles??

So Saturday night, we had a few couples over for dinner (chicken stuffed with spinach and herby rice with a pie) and the sickness went out the window with a few shots of Patron and a squeeze of lime.

Sunday was the big bash for the Animals. After all, the majority of them were finished with school and will be heading off to college this fall! Yikes or Yahoo? Not sure which. A girlfriend came by to keep me sane. She wanted margaritas, I wanted to float in the pool. And eat the big chocolate cake one of the kids brought.

Monday was all about ME. Floating in the pool and blowing my nose. Oh yeah. It was so very nice. Hehehe…I don’t think anyone would have stayed around had they stopped  by 🙂

I feel “better” today, but only with medicating … and I hate medicating with cold medicine. Loopy heavy cotton brain stuff.

And I will go to the gym only because I NEED TO!

Maybe I should get me some gloves?  And more Dayquil. And maybe some NyceQuil. I know it’s not spelled right. It’s not suppose to be. That’s what the stuff does to me!

Thankfully we have lots of food leftover to eat this week … so menu planning will NOT be linked up yet again. But I am thinking of a soup, Asian chicken soup from ole Martha Stewart. If it’s not too much effort to dig the recipe out of the file folder (misc. file I’m sure) … I’ll post it if I do it 🙂

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