Gardening. The Frugal Way

I know, I know, our gardening season is pretty much over until like, October? Between the heat and the SUN baking everything around it, it’s just useless to try and keep anything alive outside of grass. Even that is difficult this year (we are fast approaching severe drought conditions).

BUT I just couldn’t help myself. I have no restraint.

I took the tomato seeds from a beautiful, delicious tomato and painstakingly placed them in a few pieces of paper towel. Lined them up. Folded the towel in half 2 times. Dampened with water and stuck in a large ziploc bag.

Added a few drops of water daily and then left them alone for about a week.

I’ve got sprouts. Woohoo.

I did the same thing with some excellent sweet mini peppers. Only I didn’t painstakingly spread the seeds out, but they are sprouting in one large ball.

So this morning, I dug out my lettuce seeds. And the sunflowers, and the sugar snap peas. And the Roma tomatoes and did the same thing.

I also saved the root bottoms of the organic green onions I splurged on at Whole Foods a few weeks ago. Which reminds me, I need to go out and stick them in the ground NOW …

I saved a 20lb cat litter jug. I am planning on putting about 15 holes all around in 4 rows with some in the very very bottom to try and do a self irrigating drip system. We’ll see how that works. Ironically enough, I was just browsing and came across this post that shows the same thing I’m thinking, only with milk jugs. I’m thinking I need a LOT more water which is why I’m using this big honkin thing 🙂

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