Receipe Review – HG Hot Wings

I’ve had these on my to try list for a while and finally made them this past week.

I had to go buy FiberOne, and it was on sale b1g1f AND I had some decent coupons … so I had it!

Can I just tell you….they look like Kibble … as in animal food. No. I don’t mean TEENS, but real live furry food.

AND, for some odd reason, the package contains TWO bags. Hmmmm

OK. So I’m off to do this …

I had to hurry up and grind the kibble before anyone saw it…they certainly would have made comments and been a little less inclined to try the new recipe, so I grabbed the Magic Bullet, and had to do a quick wipe down as it was all sticky from one of the two legged animals…

I’ve got my 2 (plus, because I’m doubling the recipe) ounces of chips. Ummm. Do not feel like spending that kind of money for fat free chips ($3 for a can of pringles??)…again, Make Do!

Trust me, crush them in the bag (after you open bag), much easier…

Franks. Need to buy more Franks ::adding to list, hold on:: as apparently someone (animals??) have been using this stuff quite often that I didn’t have 6 tbs!

Dip and pat. I put mine on a grate (cookie sheet) to bake … and here’s the end results …

The end results? Not so bad. They didn’t get as crispy as I had hoped. Hubby said next time to try cooking at a higher heat, say 400, instead of 375. Also, my pieces were frozen and I had them laying on this sheet to defrost some. I think maybe a little water on the tray may have acted to *steam* them a bit too …

I would try them again, with totally defrosted chicken and at a higher heat … Go ahead, give it a shot!
Here’s the link (she’s got some other cool stuff there too!)

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