Mass Cooking for the Week

I work full time and then toss in the gym a few nights of the week and it’s pretty hectic at times around here. Granted, the Animals are old enough to fend for themselves, Hubby knows how to cook and well, if you are that hungry, MAKE SOMETHING.

But, I’m still a mom at heart and WANT to feed the kids a nourishing meal at the end of the day. Plus I still like the thrill of feeding Hubby something he enjoys … what can I say. Off subject: just what the heck will I do when they move out (kids)???

Anyways. I don’t do freezer cooking per se because I don’t have any room in the freezers to really do so. Trust me, once those babies are near empty, that will be my next project!

I AM a big fan though of pre-planning and prepping.  You know, prepare salads for the week, prep the rest of the veggies and so on. Menu Plan.

One of my favorite things is just fill the grill up.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of grabbing a few packages of meat with a small variety like the flank steak, smoked sausage and chicken breast.

Toss in a few skewers filled with peppers and onions and you are good to go for quite a few days.

Note: In my house, I have to pretty much set aside what I want for the rest of the week BEFORE I let everyone eat…we are quite big eaters around here and there’s been times that the majority of the meat is GONE just because it felt like an all you can eat buffet! So normally, I will just set a variety up on a platter, place the rest in the oven (out of site) until it’s cooled off enough to package up and put in the fridge. As the week goes on, just take out what you need, nuke (or heat any way you desire) and serve with a special fast prepped side dish.

Linking up with We Are That Family Works For Me Wednesday (say that 10 times real fast!)

Apologies as I’ve been trying to upload photos and yet again, Blogger is giving me some serious issues … hope to be able to update and show you mass quantities of grilled MEAT!

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