The Summertime Pantry Challenge – Update as July 11th

It seems like I was off to a pretty slow, if not down right, IFFY start to the pantry challenge, but looking back, golly gee, I haven’t been to the store in over a WEEK! Woohoo! BUT that will end today or tomorrow as I need to go get the killer deal on chicken breast for $1.29 before the sale ends.

So, you really wanna know what we’ve been doing? And are you curious about others? If so, check out the Update over here for Good Cheap Eats, the one who pretty much started it all  …

And here’s what we’ve been doing …

July 11th. Monday. Easy. Breakfast was eggs & diced ham and Hubby had his Cheerios. Lunch was salad with diced turkey and Hubby also got some leftover garlicky chicken. Dinner was pretty much fend for yourself, as in salad, nachos, leftover pasta.

July 10th. Sunday. Breakfast was toast and eggs. Lunch was wraps (we were on the boat) with snacky stuff (pretzels, sliced cheese) and dinner was the big italian feast from all the tomatoes I found in pantry. We had friends over so used 2 lbs of pasta, half the sauce, twice as much garlic bread as I anticipated and 4 fresh tomatoes for the caprese tray. It’s ok though.

July 9th. Saturday. Breakfast was the last bagel for Sonny Boy. I had toast and eggs. Hubby had a leftover something or another. Lunch was ham sandwiches. Dinner was Jets Pizza. Night got away from us and I had 100% committed to having pasta but then it was 9pm and NO THANK YOU.

July 8th. Friday. Breakfast was the usual, eggs and toast and Cheerios for Hubby. Lunch as salad and leftovers. I had high hopes for dinner, to make a mushroom and bleu cheese sauce to toss over the leftover burgers (so they wouldn’t be burgers AGAIN) but that didn’t happen. We had burgers for dinner. Thankfully, the last of them.

July 7th. Thursday. My main goal was to stick with my thoughts and get the pantry at least ORGANIZED this evening. I started before I left for work which of course, made me be a few minutes late but it’s ok. Really. I need to do this when I get home. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, more of that icky turkey bacon and a slice of muenster cheese between 2 pieces of toast. Hubby had his cheerios. Sonny Boy will surely find something to eat (and poor kid, he’s without his carnation breakfast stuff so he’s drinking the magic chocolate bunny stuff with a scoop of chocolate protein mix). Lunch ended up being salad and leftovers. Dinner was to have been the rest of the burgers, but we ended up having a friend show up so I made garlicky chicken (no biggie). BUT then he didn’t stay for dinner after all …. oh well. Also ended up cooking up 2 cans of green beans for Princess and Hubby since they LOVE green beans ::gag::

July 6th. Wednesday – ummm. We went out to dinner, me, Hubby and Sonny Boy. NOTHING from the pantry (well, cheerios for breakfast count for something right?) … and I did take a box of green giant rice and veggies to give Hubby some substance for lunch with the chicken and salad. Oh, and I opened the low carb whole grain wraps in the pantry to make a breakfast wrap (2 eggs, scrambled, bacon slices (turkey, bleh) and a sprinkle of cheese. Let’s see if we do any better on tomorrow.

July 5th. Tuesday.  It’s back to work. And to the Gym. Dinner consisted of straight leftovers. Sonny Boy made some grilled cheese sandwiches too for him and g/f using the texas toast bread.

July 4th. Monday.  We had burgers, dogs and more bbq pork. I also did some strawberries and some blueberries. NOTHING from the pantry or freezers notable I might add.

So, how are you all doing on your challenge?

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