The Summertime Pantry Challenge – Updated as of July 18th

Still plugging away. Made a trip to Penn Dutch last Tuesday after work to get the chicken breast. Spent $35 and got 2 lbs filet mignon ($6.99 lb, steal!) and 2 large packages of chicken breast at $1.29 lb plus some green peppers, bananas and something else … oh what was it?? Oh. Celery. Doh. There were also TWO trips to Publix, one for $30 and one for $50. Fruits, veggies, gatorade, cat food and litter, milk, bread, etc. NOTHING to stash in the pantry though, thankfully!

Here’s what we’ve been eating …

June 12. Tuesday. Breakfast was … Burger King for me (omg!) and Hubby had his Cheerios. Don’t ask. Lunch was leftover chinese for me (one of the Boys brought it in) and Hubby had salad and chicken. Dinner was chicken on the grill with asparagus (close to it’s last leg in the fridge) and broccoli. I need to investigate the asparagus thing. I just recently started buying and eating it, discovering that I really like it on the grill. But I know nothing about it, how to tell when it’s FRESH (besides not being wilty) and so forth. Oh, and yeah, I skipped the gym today to go buy the chicken that was on sale.

June 13. Wednesday. Breakfast. Again, was BK (OMG!). Hubby, guess. He had his Cheerios, happily. I need to make sure I go to Publix tonight, milk will be gone by the time I get home. Lunch was to have been leftover salad and chicken for me, chicken and broccoli for Hubby. BUT the Boys in the office were a little hungover (celebrated the birthday boy’s birthday last night, am SO glad I said no thanks) and they all wanted Fort Lauderdale Chicken Sandwiches and Fritos. These are GROWN men for crying out loud! So yeah, I ate another free lunch (that makes 3 times this week, I think?). Dinner was Sausage and Peppers (sausage was chicken italian style sausage from freezer and peppers were picked up on Tuesday for 89 cents lb). I’ve got ONE onion in the fridge and well, frankly, I just can’t see going for a long period of time WITHOUT onions …

June 14. Thursday. Breakfast was the usual for Hubby, I had scrambled eggs with some ham diced up and a little cheese. Lunch for hubby was a big salad with chopped lunchmeat. I had the rest of the sandwich from yesterday. Dinner was leftovers.

June 15. Friday. Breakfast: cheerios, egg and ham sandwich (guess who had what?). Lunch was salad with cheese and turkey diced up. Dinner should have been a little more exciting BUT it wasn’t. I ended up having a small plate of nachos and Hubby had soup and sandwich. Thankfully the soup supply is being used up as it takes up a LOT of pantry space 🙂

June 16. Saturday.  Breakfast was bagels for all (may need to replenish these soon). Lunch was a fend for yourself situation. I don’t believe I ate lunch? Dinner was out to Jib Room and snacks all around (along with a few beers and Washington Apples).

June 17. Sunday.  Breakfast was a disappointment. Toast. With strawberries, blueberries and cherries. Hubby doesn’t do fruit. But the animals do! Lunch was sandwiches (thank you Costco for the bestest lunchmeats around!) with, much to everyones disappointment and horror, kraft cheese slices. This was the first rebellion to date. Dinner was homemade pizza (worse crust on the face of the earth that I’ve ever made), made a pepperoni one and a Margherita one along with chicken wings that Hubby smoked on the grill. Some things can be smoked and others shouldn’t. Wings fall in to the latter part in my opinion. Too smoky and now drying out.

June 18. Monday. Breakfast was mini wheats with a touch of fruit for me (Hubby on plane) and I see that Sonny Boy tapped into them too! Lunch was strawberries and cheeries. Um, I had a salad there with wings to (trying to pawn them off) but got too busy and skipped lunch. I know. Not good. Dinner was to have been tacos. Got home at 8pm from the gym. Opted instead to make it as a Dinner Worthy Nacho plate. Check that out! Made Sonny Boy stop at the store to get a gallon of milk. Was having a weak moment with the sour cream and cheddar cheese issue so KNEW better than to go myself!

Hubby is traveling this week so the menu plan will be bare bones, yet again. Wednesday the 20th the boys will be playing locally so me and a few girlfriends will hook up, have a few drinks and dance like the foolish moms we are 🙂 I don’t think it embarrasses them too badly, because at least they have moms (and friends of moms) who support their music! But I certainly could do without the screaming, just sing please. 🙂

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