Portabello mushroom, lettuce and tomato sandwiches

We are big meat eaters in this house and it will be interesting to see what the comments will be on this … (Sunday dinner, serving with potato salad)

Got the shrooms at Aldi’s for $1.69 per package (each had 2 caps) along with tomatoes. Lettuce from Penn Dutch last week (69 cents a head). Basil & rosemary from garden (ha, what garden is that??). Kaiser rolls from bread store for 89 cents for 12. Um, yes, I am still on the pantry challenge. But the stuff I bought sticks with my challenge of dairy, veggies/fruits and bread 🙂

1 tsp fresh rosemary, finely chopped (garden)
1 clove of garlic, pressed (fridge)
3 tbs oil (pantry)
3 tbs mayo (fridge)
2 tbs basil leaves, finely chopped (garden)
4 large portobello shroom caps (aldi)
salt and pepper (pantry)
4 crusty rolls (I’m using kaiser rolls) (freezer now)
4 iceburg lettuce leaves (boy, this is my 2nd recipe calling for iceburg lettuce. Glad I bought TWO heads)
1 oz parmesean cheese, shaved or shredded (fridge)
4 large tomato slices (fridge)

Prepare grill over medium high heat

Combine rosemary, garlic and oil in small bowl

Combine mayo and basil in separate bowl

Brush oil mix over shrooms, then sprinkle with salt & pepper

Place roll halves and caps on grill. Cook rolls 3 minutes til toasted, flipping once. Cook shrooms 6 to 8 minutes til brown and tender, turning once.

Transfer to cutting board and slice caps at an angle, 1/2 inch slices

Spread basil mayo on cut sides of rolls. Divide lettuce leaves among the rolls and top with a shroom, fanning the slices out to cover all. Top with cheese, tomato and other half of roll.


*Recipe from Good Housekeeping Farm-Fresh and Fabulous!

For pictures, check over here for updates

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