The Summertime Pantry Challenge – as of July 25th

Wow, it’s the last WEEK! I think I may have to extend this in through August … I’ve got a full pantry and 3 freezers still.

Yeah, we are making some progress but not like I had hoped. And I’ve not really bought anything to add to the pantry. The freezer, a little (great meat deals lately, still want to go get the 59 cent per lb chickens!)

Here’s what we’ve been doing, to the best of my recollection (it’s been a whirlwind week)

Monday. July 25th. Breakfast was the usual ham and egg on a bagel (with provolone, I broke down and bought cheese and sour cream at Aldi’s Saturday). Hubby had cheerios. We both had fruit. Lunch was salad for Hubby and we both had chicken and rice from Saturday night. Dinner was Bangin Shrimp. Pretty good.

Sunday. July 24th. Breakfast was a fend for yourself situation. Unexpected guests from Saturday night. Google Party In Your Stomach on youtube and you will see what I mean. Lunch was an offering of snacks (nachos, chips, carrots) and sandwiches (if you cared to make your own). Dinner was ziti with jarred sauce, texas toast off the grill and chicken if you wanted.

Saturday. July 23rd. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with diced ham. Lunch was fend for yourself since I was shopping (Aldi’s). Dinner was a yummy concoction by Hubby using what we had on hand: Chicken stuffed with spinach and bleu cheese and Herby Rice. Yummm. Had some friends stop by bearing gifts of Patron and another brand tequila. They ended up making a few drinks and before I knew it, 10pm and both sound asleep (Florida room and guest room). Not a ‘good’ thing. The Animals were a little upset about the whole thing as the Florida Room is the room where they hang and watch tv.

Friday. July 22nd. Breakfast was cereal for both Hubby and I. Fruit. Lunch … gosh, I can’t remember, but I’m sure it was sandwiches. Dinner was grilled cheese with applewood bacon (boss gave to me, delicious!) with tomato soup. Gotta give Hubby credit, he’s really on this pantry challenge!

Thursday. July 21st. Hubby comes home tonight, yeah! I actually swung into BK for a sandwich and thought that was really STUPID since I had cereal with me. Drove right on out. Lunch was leftover shephards pie from one of the guys in the office (I love having him back!) and dinner was pretty much scrounge for yourself since I got home so late with Hubby from the airport. He was feeling icky and just wanted to sleep.

Wednesday. July 20th. Breakfast was the usual only on toast (no bagels). Lunch was leftover potroast from the one guy in the office (wife is an excellent cook …). Left the office early to go see the Boys play and got home at 8. Dinner was Nachos…

Tuesday. July 19th. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and ham and some fruit. Lunch was the leftover wings (4 of them). Dinner ended up with taking the kids out to Oceans’ Grill since neither are often home at the same time. It was a rainy, stormy night so we went to the closest place that we all liked. 8 blocks up the road.

So how are you doing on YOUR Pantry Challenge?

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