Intentional Leftovers to Get Through the Week

Yeah, you’ve heard me say it time and time again, I’m busy. Real busy.
I love to cook, but just do not have that much free time in the evenings during the week to do so. Hey, I like to get 8 hours of sleep occasionally and NOT waking up to a dirty kitchen is an added bonus!

So what do I do?

I make intentional leftovers. Of course. But not leftovers, like meatloaf and mashed taters for 3 nights straight. Uh uh. I would not do THAT.

I do stuff like, grilled chicken and pasta on Sunday. But grill more chicken than I need for that night. Come Tuesday, we have chicken Cesar salad.

Hmmm… just how does that work, you ask?


Grill extra chicken on Sunday night when you have had all the live long day to putz around and take it easy.

Set aside what you want for later in the week and serve the rest. Trust me, if you’ve got big eaters in the house, you MUST set aside before serving (even hide if you must).

Then when you are ready to recreate those leftovers, just pull them out and recreate. Easy peasy.

I do this with a lot of stuff actually.

Baked taters turn into potato soup OR italian potatoes OR even potato salad.

Burgers turn into salisbury steaks with egg noodles OR serve them up with a side of rice and some yummy delicious mushroom and bleu cheese gravy (still trying to find that recipe).

Chicken has so many opportunities just waiting for you to recreate, I’m not even going to make recommendations!

Steaks are my personal favorite though. I deliberately set half my steak aside at the table. Evil Jungle Salad baby. Oh yeah. And of course, you could make steak and eggs for dinner, but not so much in this house (hubby has egg allergies when eaten like this).

And there you have it. Works for Me!

Linking up to We Are That Family (you know the one!) Works for Me Wednesday.

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3 thoughts on “Intentional Leftovers to Get Through the Week

  1. I do the same thing and considered posting about it today, although I ended up going with something else. Cooking like this saves so mcuh time and energy.


  2. Hi Rose, thanks for stopping by! yes, it saves so much time and energy to do it this way, and makes sure that I stick with my meal plan since it doesn't require AS much work 🙂


  3. Love it!! Great idea!


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