Menu Plan Monday – July 31 to August 6

Saying goodbye to July and the Summertime Pantry Challenge, even though I am going to continue in through August, I think, as it seems we use a lot of fridge and freezer stuff, but pantry stuff, no so much … so I will try to clear the shelves a little more. I have no need to go to the store for anything EXCEPT more lettuce … wish it wasn’t so darn hot, I’d try to grow some myself.

I have to say, sending Sonny Boy to get milk has really saved my butt in shopping. I know that I’m more than likely to browse a wee bit and pick up a few things BESIDES the milk. It’s just the way it is. Imagine my surprise though when he came home and the receipt for 2% store brand milk was $3.95.  WOW.

This week has a few things … gym 2 or 3 nights hopefully. We head up to Orlando Thursday night for Sonny Boy’s orientation on Friday morning (8:45am, just easier to head up and stay overnight) so I think dinner will be out on Thursday … And then Princess has a meeting/orientation for a mini marathon she wants me to go with her to. Ummm, sweet pea? I don’t run. But sure, I’ll come along. What have I done?

And then again, there’s this storm out there … that brings it awfully close to home …

On with the food for the week … which of course, as I type this on Sunday at 7pm, I’ve still not eaten but MOST is prepped and ready to be cooked:

Sunday – pork chops with black beans and rice

Monday – portebella shroom sandwiches Forget that, everyone ate them Sunday. Chicken Cesar salad (as always)

Tuesday – shepards pie

Wednesday – coconut chicken with sweet chili sauce

Thursday – OUT

Friday – Parmesan chicken (need to use the bag of breaded chicken nuggets up in fridge)

Saturday – steaks and taters (this past Saturday was spent visiting a Publix 25 miles away and then the Hollywood Police station to file report … someone had skimmed Hubby’s debit card and managed to obtain $1000 from the atm machine before the bank caught it as suspicious behavior … will let you know how long it takes to get the money back in our account and IF they catch the guy (video apparently shows his face and the fact that he was using 5 cards, one right after another) …. they used the bogus card 2 times in Miami Beach earlier in the day for a total of $480 and then 6 more time for $80 each time…

It was a rough past week. But I discovered Pinterest recently (what a huge time consuming animal!!) and found a new saying:  “Don’t let yesterday take over today”. Oh. Yes. Of course, there was another that said “Know when to give up and have a margarita” Well. I’m torn!

So what are you eating this week? Hop on over to Menu Plan Monday and see what 100’s of others are having for inspiration!

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1 thought on “Menu Plan Monday – July 31 to August 6

  1. Hi. So sorry to hear that. I hope that the bank resolves everything quickly.


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