A Time and a Place

There is a time and a place for everything in life.

And today, I speak of frozen convenience foods.

No, I’m not necessarily talking about frozen pizzas or bagel bites because {sob} we’ve sort of moved on from that kind of stuff for now.

I am however, talking about GROWN UP convenience foods. With a little bit better quality and taste than the above mentioned stuff 🙂

Saturday night, we got home from delivering Sonny Boy to college. I was SICK, getting ready to speed downhill in to a full fledged sinus infection.  I was also being hormonal, and the fact that I just threw my baby boy to the wolves, well, I was a mess.

Hubby took charge. He dug around in the freezers (which, look, they are getting emptier!) and came up with this:

And 45 minutes later, we were eating a fairly decent meal all things considering.
Princess came home and wanted to eat too, as those chicken things are like her all time favorite (and I’m shocked that there were 2 boxes left as she will make these at 3pm for a ‘snack’ and still be 105 lbs).
Total spent? I know I only buy the chicken when it’s buy one get one, $4.99 and I know I always have $1 off coupons, so figure $2.99 for both boxes, the taters were probably $1.50 so figure dinner for 3 with leftovers, under $5. Beats a drive through or takeout!
Linking up with Frugal Fridays, because this is definitely a FRUGAL idea when you are sick … 
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