Preparing Ahead of Time – Salads

It’s busy around here lately. Getting a kid shipped off to school. Work. Sickness. Life in general.
The life in general thing really takes over my time it seems…and before I know it, the weekend is OVER and it’s Monday morning again!
The number one thing I do is make sure I always, always, ALWAYS have something prepped for lunches (Hubby and I take our lunches 99% of the time to work) …

And we normally eat salads and leftovers if they are appealing for lunches (um, take my advice, skip the leftover broccoli, ok? Just not a good thing to reheat in an office building).

And we take LARGE salads.

So I make it a point to wash the lettuce, slice the cukes, the sweet peppers and a few tomatoes (I don’t normally do a whole week of tomatoes as they will get icky rather quickly) …

And keep them in separate containers. 

Every morning, I grab a handful of lettuce, a handful of spinach (I buy it in large containers, triple washed, don’t tell me bad things please!) a handful of cukes, handful of peppers and whatever else (I put nuts, pinenuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, whatever I have open in mine) and Hubby always gets cheese of some sort (whatever is on hand and opened!) and if there’s not meaty leftovers (protein), I will chop up some ham and/or turkey (Thank you Costco!) and top it.

We both have our salad dressings at the office already so no need to worry about making a separate container for that.

Works for Me!

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2 thoughts on “Preparing Ahead of Time – Salads

  1. We've done this with salads (for lunches) and it helps SO much! 🙂 (I have that same glass salad dressing jar, btw!) :)Tammy


  2. Hey Tammy, thanks for stopping by (I think that may even be YOUR honey mustard dressing in that jar!) … got the jar from a garage sale … was so thrilled!


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