Cookbook from a now defunct Lender

We were cleaning out a office in the building last week and tossed a LOT of stuff … more stuff than I care to admit out loud, but to donate from a business is pretty difficult in that no one wants to come and take anything away. And, quite frankly, we were all just “get it done” …

But one thing that caught my eye …  Getting It Done: Grilling Fun with Option One.

I have a grilling set that we use on the boat from these same people, so I’m guessing that they gave one of the mortgage brokers a cookbook.

I snagged it and brought it home. Not so much for the recipes, but just the joke (on us) that the lender was doing such tremendous business at the time (2005) that they could afford to print and buy ridiculous amounts of stuff to give away as “thank you for your business” kisses …

Anyways. I spent a few nights parked on the couch browsing through it. And a few things caught my eye …

Foolproof Barbecued Chicken, only because it also gives the recipe for Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce
The Ultimate Hamburger, because it mixes equal parts of ground chuck and ground sirloin (and “gorgeous luscious tomatoes”)
Lexington Slaw (always looking for a good coleslaw recipe, non mayo based)
And surprisingly, Grilled Caesar Salad Pizzas. They give a pretty good recipe for dough and how to cook successfully on the grill …

So, keep an eye out, you will be seeing some testing going on … I promise I will try to keep up to date, but life interferes sometimes!

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