Doing what you love AND making money too

Most of us blog because we like to write. And well, our lives are also just so very interesting that we INSIST on sharing it with all the unknown people out there! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok, really.

I love to write. I may not be a ‘good’ writer, but man, I sure can tell a great story. Everyone jokes that they can tell when I walk into an office because there will be loud laughter from others around. It’s just that the party has arrived, that would be ME. That comes from a deep down comfort of WHO I am. I believe in myself and know that I am not perfect, but hey, it’s ok withย ME. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, why am I telling you all this today? Well, because I stumbled across something the other day, signed up with them yesterday, got my score, wrote 5 articles and already made $16. No, it’s not going to make me rich, but it sure will help my writing skills. And it’s not stressful (to me). And it’s going in to my do not touch savings account. And, well, heck, it’s kind of cool to do it …

Even better? I was rated at a *gasp* level 4. Level 5 is considered PROFESSIONAL. Umm…ahem, you’ve read my blog, right? I am not a professional or do I even consider myself to be somewhere NEAR a professional, but hot diggity dog, they offered me $1.40 per word …

Ok ok, I know, the suspense is killing you!

It’s called There is absolutely NO REFERRAL fees paid to those who refer you (um, I don’t believe it even asks!) and there is no fee to you to sign up and do the work.

This Works For Me!

Are you ready to get paid for your writing. I mean, seriously?ย  Go to Scroll down to bottom on right hand side and click on register.

You will have to submit a SAMPLE piece (I made mine easy and used Roccos Tacos since I love the place so much!) and click submit.

A textbroker associate will review and grade the piece. Then they send you an email back telling you what level you are and the going rate of pay per word. Seriously easy. And I’m a Level 4. Did I already say that??

You must have a paypal account set up and you are paid every other week. Writing is from 100 to 500 plus words, which is really not much. (I’ve written 383 words so far on this post). You select WHICH project you want to do (some of the descriptions are SO generic that I just ignored them) and each one shows the earning potential. I’ve even referred SonnyBoy over to it as he needs to GET A JOB of some sorts to help out here. He’s bummed that he’s a Level 3 but they review your writing after 5 projects are submitted and will either up, lower or keep your level the same. Cool huh?

I’m having so much fun with it so far that I thought about setting up a page dedicated just to the projects I’ve done, but then again, that will just take up MORE of my time ๐Ÿ™‚

So go on, See if it’s Works for you!

*NOTE: I know some people have concerns with signing away the rights to the stuff they write. However, there has not been anything yet that I would want to write about to anyways so I have no issues thus far.ย 

I did just have a complaint in a revision that was requested: instructions state LEAD (for dog) whereas client complained that I should refer to LEASH and not LEAD. Ok, whatever ๐Ÿ™‚ No biggie to fix but if they put me on a blacklist, I will argue then.

You will also need to forward a W9 for tax purposes. As you are considered an independent contract (because you pick and choose what you want to do, when you want to do it) therefore, they will not take any taxes out. IF you earn $600 or more in any year, they will send a 1099 to you. Either way, taxes are your responsibility and I HIGHLY recommend you report the income on your tax return each and every year. Don’t forget, there are tax deductions that you can be using if you are making an income working from home, writing a blog, babysitting, whatever, so long as you are reporting the income … don’t mess with the IRS.

1 thought on “Doing what you love AND making money too

  1. That's interesting. I haven't heard of them. Do you have to do much research on the pieces you write? I'll have to look into this. Thanks!


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