Those Free Things …

We all know the saying “Nothing is free in life” … and for the most part, it is true. Everything has some form of payment to be made.

However, the “free” things listed below, are things that you help pay for with others, and should reap the benefits of whenever you have a chance:

1. Library. I had to dig out my library card as it was tucked away in a drawer. I work downtown and the Fort Lauderdale main library is just several blocks away from my office. I need to get there. I am in dire need of some new reading material. But then I tell myself, rather than get lost in the BIG library, to just go to the little reading room located about 8 blocks from home. The reading room location is SMALL but has GREAT reading material.

2. Beach. Ok, I know, not everyone has access to a beach. But how about a lake, river, any body of water? I live 2 blocks from the ocean and also live off the waterway. I shock myself when I say I haven’t felt sand on my toes in x amount of time. Hello? One of God’s greatest offerings and I haven’t utilized it?

3. Parks. Your tax dollars help build that park, enjoy it! A lot of parks around me are being redone and I recently discovered one that is about 5 blocks from my home in the middle of the neighborhood during my Move It time … I was shocked that I’ve not really noticed it before! I can assure you that I’ve never seen this many kids in the neighborhood, let alone at the park!

Granted, I’m kid-less now. I think for me, at this stage in my life, I am rediscovering myself. Hubby and I are having an adjustment period in that we don’t need to ‘worry’ about the kids, you know, what to make them for dinner, clean clothes, what time will they be home, is there enough gas in the car. Frivolous things I suppose, but such a part of our daily thoughts, we’ve had to make some definitive adjustments 🙂

Linking up with Frugal Friday … making a note to look for Dave Ramsey books when I go to the library where I will take them to either the library or park to read … enjoying that free stuff!

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