Menu Plan Monday – the Cheap Version

Yeah, cheap. Not frugal. CHEAP. Of course, everyone has a different definition for CHEAP 🙂

Sonny Boy was here again this weekend, and I’m $70 poorer today than I was yesterday. Not to mention $100 on Monday of last week. And $100 2 weeks ago. Uggg.

Anyways. Yeah, I’m going broke here so this week is my CHEAP menu plan … basically, what I have in house, which, it should be noted, is quite a LOT of food still … (and I laugh because Mr. & Mrs. Smith is on and it’s where he takes the knife from her to cut roast and she pulls out another to slice the bread) … back to the menu plan, we have LOTS of food still, but I am getting low on chicken breast, I have no sandwich bread (it’s ok, we don’t really eat it ourselves!) … but I do have a variety of meats and such so here’s what I’m planning:

Sunday – Hubby is talking of making some pork chops in the grill pan (gasp) and a few leftover steak fries

Monday – Evil Jungle Salad (using leftover steak from Saturday night)

Tuesday – Benihana Onion Soup with some chicken, rice veggie stirfry combo

Wednesday – most likely take out from the cuban joint. I figure $20 should be more than enough …

Thursday – Chicken/black beans and corn mix (pantry food!)

Friday – We are going out tonight to see a band that I enjoy and who have supported Sonny Boy (letting him play a few songs  with them) … since they only play close by occasionally, I make it a point to go .. .Figuring it’s going to cost $50 to $100 (depends on food and drinking)

Saturday – I believe we will have ranch steaks … I have another stash of NY strips in the freezer …

Linking up to Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … hop on over and see what everyone is serving up!

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