Take 10 – Clutter Spot

Have I ever mentioned how HUBBY is a freaky neat freak? I mean, as in, NO clutter, NO piles, etc.

Everything is in it’s place.

Sometimes, lately, he’s been a little absent minded and ‘forgets’ where he put something. It’s comical except that he gets REAL irritated with that as everything has it’s place. (I know it’s the medication he recently started, and I’m sure I need to say something to him about it, but for now, faintly amusing)…

Back to the story …

I, however, can be a total and complete slob. Make piles. Make lists. Put the list on the piles. When the pile gets too tall, that’s when I would prefer to deal with it. Which is stupid because it’s more work at that point.

So when I went to pick up my purse one morning, I must have just had a moment because I stopped, scolded myself and asked, OUT LOUD:

Just when did THIS become acceptable?

There, on the floor, under the beautiful table, was my purse, the exercise mat, the coupon binder, the coupon bag, the amazon box, the shoe box, and another bag that I carry to work with me most days (it’s my To Do bag folks). The cooler? Ummm, that had been from 2 WEEKS ago when we went to a friends …

Ha. Hubby heard me. Peeked his head around the corner and said:

REALLY? You are finally SEEING that?

Ummm…no need to jab me with it buddy 🙂

So there I was that evening, taking 10. Seriously, only TEN MINUTES. And wow. I’m thrilled.

I put the receipts away where they belonged. I gathered all the extra cables and stuff from the TV / Surround System Experiment and put them in the amazon box, and put that in the garage on the work bench for Hubby to do his thing with. I put the shoe box in the closet with the shoes (doh).

And then, I dusted my picture frames. Arranged Audrey with the pretty seashells as she’d like to be (she’s the neatfreak that instilled this way of living in Hubby).

And I still need to do something with the text books … the school no longer buys these back because they say they’ve upgraded (college stuff).

Yes, I know it’s nothing spectacular, but this is probably my favorite space in the whole house just because of some of the special pictures on there, my mother in law, father in law, hubby and princess, family portrait, boats, Princess group army photo, Sonny Boy and the band …
And whenever I do one of these Take 10 tackles, I’m always amazed that it only takes a few minutes to make it all better.
Works For Me (yet again!)
NOTE: that beatiful table that weighs a ton? Picked it up from a girlfriend that was moving northward for $20 four years ago … makes it a little more special!
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