When You Receive Bad Service

What do you do?

Recently, I ‘ahem’ caved in and did a walk in for a pedicure and manicure. Heck, it was $30 and my feet have been killing me with the cracks and callouses from wearing sandals (its south Florida, we wear them 11 1/2 months a year).

I’ve not been to this particular place in YEARS (which now, maybe I remember why!) but it wasn’t busy for a Saturday morning so I waited the 15 minutes.

Ummm…the fact that it wasn’t BUSY on a Saturday morning should have alerted me.

3 employees working.

Me in the pedicure chair.

Water is HOT and I jerk my feet out. He (pedicure man) says it’s ok, and goes to work on clipping the nails (ummm, what, no soak? Bummer). Then SHE (manicure lady) comes over and starts clipping my fingernails. Again (ummmm, what, no soak?).

Now they are both clipping the cuticles. Ow! Ow! OW!! I’m bleeding here folks. Seriously.

Pat pat pat. There there, all better.

I try to settle in to the massaging chair. Difficult to relax.

Light lotion. Light rub.

Huh? No massage? Really? Seriously? Come on. This is my NUMBER ONE reason for doing this. Really bummed now even after I tell them it’s my FAVORITE part.

Smile. Pat. Pat. pat.

Color on, usher out of chair to drying station and told $30.

My one finger is still sensitive and I’m sure will produce a hangnail any day now.

My feet are still dry and peeling but now red on top of it.

I did give a tip only because I wanted the heck out of that place.

So. What would you do? Not that I can particularly send a letter to the owner as these places are owned and operated by the people themselves.

Send a letter to the state? For careless and injuring work? Sloppy workmanship? What?

I just can’t believe I paid money for this. The only good thing is the color is pretty and now I feel the need to go find it at ULTA for my own stash (BEFORE the Year of Zero comes in).

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1 thought on “When You Receive Bad Service

  1. I am obviously not as nice as you because the hot water would have had me putting on my shoes and going out the door. Was there a language/communication problem? Because you didn't do or say anything at the time I think it it may be too late to complain to the state but there is no harm in completing an online complaint form. The next time you treat yourself to something be sure it isn't torture instead. Speak up so they can't take advantage of you and others.


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