Discovering New Things

We had every intention on having the boat parade.

That didn’t happen.

But while Hubby was traveling, I was busy preparing…because as far as I could see, we were having about 30 people over.

So I did the Big Shop.

And I went to the liquor store.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, to be exact. Had I been thinking more in line with things, I would have went to Total Wine & More as they are ALWAYS a little cheaper. But oh well, I wasn’t thinking clearly, apparently.

Can I tell you how much I love the holidays and liquor stores? All them special packages for the holiday gift giving …


And I got myself some Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka with 4 sample bottles.

$28.00 (about)

So my original intention was to make some Espresso Martinis. Just because. And my goal was to make sure EVERYONE woke up with sticky hair the next morning. Because when you drink a martini out of a martini GLASS, you are bound to spill it all over you. If you are like ME, you lean in to protect it and well, long hair is a great way to sop up a spill.


Hubby and I made our way to the bar the other night and he was asking about the vodka. So I told him what the plan had been. Then I admired the pretty label bottle and wondered what it smelled like.

Opened the bottle and sniffed.

O M G! Just like a shot of espresso.

Seriously.  Took a little sip. Straight out of the bottle.

Died and went to heaven to be with Mom. Well not really, but good Lord.

Poured some over ice, shook it up and strained and had myself a nice little glass of chilled Espresso Vodka.

Highly recommend, except, maybe NOT on a school night (aka Thursday).

So what have YOU tried new lately?

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