A Few of My Favorite Things

Being Frugal can sometimes cramp my style … you know, the Beauty Queen within =D

But, I do have a few things that I feel are extremely important, and though they may cost a little upfront, in the end, I can do without all the other things that most beauty queens call a necessity in life …

Baking Soda …

Yeah, the most awesome cleaner for EVERYTHING that I’ve taken to using 3 times a week on my face with the leftovers being used on my feet …

Eyelash curler…

At the ripe age of 46, my hairdresser introduced me to this little gadget. A little intimidating the first few times but man oh man, what an EYE OPENER! Seriously! (tip: warm the rubber between your palms a few seconds before using AND do it after eyeliner is applied but before mascara is). This is the one I use, it was $19 but has a lifetime refill on the grippy things.

BIG Velcro Pink Rollers ….

Got these from Target for $8 a while ago. After washing my hair in the morning, while it’s still damp, I roll these in. Let them hang out for 40 minutes to an hour (sometimes less) and just like that, major volume. Like BIG…love them. You can do it the following day too (a no wash day for ME) … either way, it just gives your hair oomph…whenever I do it, someone always compliments the hair …. (tip: if you have long thick hair like me, just secure them at your scalp with a bobby pin, you will NOT get the little ridge!)

Smudgeproof liner…

Yes, this is a little expensive. $18 to be exact. But it last a long time … and it doesn’t smudge! Tip, buy with a coupon (ULTA always has $3 off $10 so you can get it for about $15).

Eye drops – I use Publix brand as it’s the same as Visine. A drop in each eye before putting on my eyeliner, curling the lashes and applying mascara. Makes the whites really pop =D

Yes, these simpe things Work For Me … don’t you have anything that makes you feel more special, beauty-wise?

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