Using a Kindle Without Breaking the Bank!

Ok, before you get all excited, this is NOT a post to show you ALL the available free books for a Kindle. Just so you know.

Hubby finally listened to me when I told him what I wanted for Christmas. I wanted a Kindle or a new iPod (my current one is stuck on a high volume and I can’t turn it down)…he got me the Kindle Fire.

I love it so far.

I’ve read one book in the past week and am currently reading my second one.  This will so help me get back in to reading … I love to read but there are just so many issues to be had (my eyes get tired and difficult to focus after a long day on the computer at work, can’t read in dim light, etc.)

Can I just tell you … I can sit in a dark room and read comfortably! The back light on the screen is adjustable and so great to have.

Anyways. On to the purpose of this post!

I fired the new toy up immediately and started browsing titles and authors that I KNEW I wanted to read. Imagine my surprise and disappointment to find that most of the books were in the $9.99 price range. Umm, hello? If I want to spend that much money on a book, I’d just buy a paper version, you know? So my balloon just deflated and I was so bummed. But that evening, I played around some more (found out how to blog from it, but man it’s difficult to do) … and discovered a few little secrets (for me!)

Amazon offers several different options go get the free books. You can sign up for Amazon Prime and be a part of the member library. Which is sort of crappy in that you can only borrow ONE book a month … and I already read it! When you buy the Kindle, you are automatically enrolled for a free month of Prime … which will also allow you to watch unlimited movies, get free 2 day shipping on any item purchased (there are certain terms and conditions of course!) The cost, however, is $79 a year and I’m not so sure I will continue once my 30 days is up.

Another way to get the free books is to simply browse  and select the Kindle and then type in FREE and it will give you a list (Pride and Prejudice is one of them and I remember reading that in  High School!) … here’s a Kindle free listlink  … the link definitely shows a lot of classic reading!

The other way is to simply follow a blog or two that specializes in finding FREE Kindle books. Don’t download a book for $2.99, please, that tells you HOW to find the free books …

I’ve been following along on Jungle Deals and Steals and so far so good. Just remember that the “freebie” drops pretty quickly so be sure its FREE still before  you click to purchase it. I’ve not signed up to receive emails as of yet but maybe at a later date, I will. The option is on the right hand side of the home page …

And that, my friends, is keeping with Rule #3 which makes me pretty darn happy! 😉

How do you get FREE books for your Kindle? If you’d like to share a link or suggestions, feel free to in the comments section, or shoot me an email!

Linking up with Frugal Fridays!

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5 thoughts on “Using a Kindle Without Breaking the Bank!

  1. You missed one HUGE option for cheap books for an eReader: the public library!


  2. I have found a bunch of free books. here. There is a fb page connected with it at New Free Books for Kindle.


  3. Dorothy & Sandy … thank you! I will add revise the post later today after I check out the links and credit you both … 🙂


  4. sends out daily email with a bunch of free titles!(I think it may be the same as Sandy's above).Found a bunch of new titles through there and when MSM posts, I try to check it out.I don't like that you can only \”borrow\” one book a month from Amazon.


  5. So glad I found this post! I just got a kindle for Christmas so I'm on the lookout for cheap and good books.


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