Craving Hot Chocolate

It’s been downright chilly here this past week! I mean, seriously, having to turn the heat on in the mornings is really cramping my style …

And of course, the kids (mini adults) are looking for hot chocolate packets, which we have N. O. N. E. because, well, they aren’t as cheap as they used to be and no one really drinks that stuff anymore, and NOW, they are not on the list of necessities

So … I ‘hear’ that you can mix up some yummy chocolaty goodness with Nutella and warm milk.

Ha. Who would have thought?? And so dang easy, it’s not even funny …

a cupful of milk, microwaved to desired heat (ok, don’t burn it, alright?)
1 teaspoon (you know, the flatware, not measuring) of nutella.

Take the teaspoon with nutella and stir it up in the cup. Stir vigorously, taste and add more if desired.

I actually stopped stirring and reheated my milk a little more (for about 2 minutes total time) to get the stuff to melt a little more.

Ohhh and ahhh. Sip, smack lips and say “good stuff” without all them preservatives!

Seriously, yummy. I always have Costco size Nutella in the house (ummm, Sonny Boy lived his last year or two of high school on pb & nutella sandwiches, remember?)….another excellent use for the stuff! I’m wishing I had tried this when Sonny Boy was here, he would have LOVED it! I know he has Nutella at his apartment so I may just text it to him…cuz that’s the kind of mom I am!

And gosh, now I’m feeling a little guilty for being defiant on the white (not chocolate!) chili linkup with Life As Mom … so maybe I better go link this up? =D … also linking up with GCC  and Made Famous By … go check them all out!

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