Menu Plan Monday – Week 2!

It’s time to link up for the Menu Plan Monday

Hubby is traveling to California Wednesday and returns on Friday … so there are 2 nights where it will most likely be just ME. I sort of like that, you know?

Of course, aiming to hit the new classes 3 times this week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) … I may even go for a 4th but I don’t know … and of course, if I keep indulging, I will need to go 5 days a week …

I spent $92 at Publix on Saturday, way more than I planned … which is why the $280 cash I have is going in to respective envelopes Monday night. Technically, I only have about $25 left for this week on groceries. NOT A PROBLEM, right? Shouldn’t be but for whatever reason, I am having a hard time saying NO. With Hubby being out, I should be able to do it … but the weekend could be a problem …

Sunday – Burgers and dogs (all from freezer)

Monday – chicken with stir fry veggies (all from freezer)

Tuesday – leftover burgers (thinking of making a mushroom gravy maybe and doing them over noodles)

Wednesday – steak salad for ME (yummm)

Thursday – nachos for ME

Friday – Hubby back, raunchy chicken in the crockpot with taters (chicken in freezer as are taters)

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … gotta let him make a decision around here occasionally.

So what are YOU cooking up this week??

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3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Week 2!

  1. I had to giggle…I think we were thinking alike this week. The steak salad sounds SO GOOD! I'll grab a airline ticket and a fork and be right there!Oh, nevermind..I will never get through security with a fork(I hope not anyway!)Sounds like a great menu.


  2. Looks good! I love those nights when I get to choose something *I* like… there are so many meals built around the tastes of my boys. 😉


  3. I love your Raunchy Chicken! (And I so get it.) Found you on Menu Plan Monday!


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