Menu Plan Monday – Week 3 and NO SHOPPING!

Yeah. I shouted that … I told Hubby and I’m sticking to it this week. Of course, now he’s mopin around that there’s no ice cream. Ummm, sorry. It is what it is.

Geesh. I spent $8 at Publix. $62 at Penn Dutch (granted, got a lot of meat) and THEN I went to Aldis and spent $63. Way over budget and now I must stick with the plan … I have so much food it’s not even funny.

I now realize that I was having a rough week, just personal issues (and dealing with pain) and found myself shopping at the grocery store, browsing, sticking with the list and then some. Ack. Shopping IS therapy, no MATTER what kind of store it is.

On with the plan …

Sunday – leftover Raunchy Chicken with brocolli and corkscrew pasta

Monday – leftover chili (Hubby made Saturday and we had a group of 8 over for dinner and chillin, it was 54 degrees out!) … and we still have lots left (I am off this day and plan on cooking meats and such for the remainder of week)

Tuesday – Island Pork with black beans and rice

Wednesday – possibly OUT to Roccos Tacos (I have a substantial gift card still) … if not, just leftovers then

Thursday – Chicken stirfry of some sort

Friday – Cubanos … with leftover pork … hoping to be able to make the cuban bread too …

Saturday – Ranch Steaks with a side of grilled veggies

So what are YOU making this week?

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Week 3 and NO SHOPPING!

  1. Check my blog for what I'm making. :)Cubanos sound GOOD. I might have to assemble those myself!


  2. Yes, we love ourselves some cubanos!


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