Covering Large Bowls

I hate plastic wrap. It’s a pain in the neck, you know? I was using Stretch Tight which is the BEST one I’ve used ever, but still, annoying to deal with and never even 80% cooperative.

Then you can buy them little bowl covers at the dollar store, and others too. But those need to be cleaned, and really, do you know what they remind me of?

Glorified shower caps.

Yeah. Shower Caps. And THAT, my friends, is exactly WHAT I use to cover my large bowls and any other containers, plates, pans, trays, you name it.

Hubby travels frequently and I always have him bring home the shower caps (and lotion, those get tossed in my purse and desk at work) … Did you know that only about 60% of the hotels he’s stayed at have shower caps?

You can buy an 8 pack of cheap plastic shower caps at the dollar store for, oh, ONE DOLLAR. I’ve had a hard time finding them so I think maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only one who uses them for this purpose…

On a side note: I’ve tried to use those on my HEAD, you know, the way they are meant to be used? They make my hair all steamy like. Anyone else ever have that??

These can be washed and reused numerous times before the elastic starts to break down.Β  I use them to cover plates, bowls, pans, trays of fruit, dough, pasta salads and they come in handy for parties and bbq’s … nothing covers a big platter quite as efficient and easily as a shower cap!

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17 thoughts on “Covering Large Bowls

  1. just stumbled across your blog…great idea!


  2. That is freaking brilliant. I'm totally going to have to start doing that.


  3. I use them too! But, mine are labeled \”bowl covers\” and come 8 in a pack for $1.


  4. You are a frugal genius! I use Press N Seal. It works well, but a bit pricey, about $3.18 a roll. I'm going to try this. Hubby can't figure out how to \”work\” the press n seal.(sigh…)


  5. giggle … Hubby can't figure out how to work plastic wrap, let alone press and seal πŸ™‚


  6. Allison, do you buy the box that specifically states \”bowl covers\” that come in different sizes? I didn't like those, they were thin AND only 1 big one … the regular shower caps can cover a HUGE bowl!


  7. Brilliant I'm NOT πŸ™‚ But thanks for the compliment Angel & Punky! πŸ™‚


  8. Came across your blog several days ago and have enjoyed reading some of the older blogs. I use the shower caps to cover the end of a cut watermelon. Works great and doesn't slip off. Toni in TN


  9. Yup, done that too (cantelopes too!) … at least they don't slide off when damp like plastic wrap does! Plus it's easy on, easy off!


  10. Great idea! I will be sure to remember that, as I have some containers that are way too hard to cover.


  11. Great tip! I usually throw a towel over my stuff or try to buy dishes that come with lids. But this sounds like ano fuss, greener way to deal with everything that I can't do that to! Thanks(here from Kitchen Tip Tuesday)


  12. So now I need to go buy some shower caps lol. Great idea! I have some PUL fabric and some elastic. I wonder if I could make some covers with that. Then they could be washed and re-used for a really long time. Hmmmm….


  13. Nice tip. Thank you for joining our Frugal Tuesday Tip and adding a link back to Sara.


  14. Nice idea! Never would have thought of that. πŸ™‚


  15. Good idea, I must try it… πŸ™‚


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