DIY Beauty – Uhhh… Waxing

*This post may contain pictures that are disturbing if you refuse to admit that women have facial hair that needs tending …

Following along with Year of Zero? You aren’t? Why? You can watch me fall flat on my face, sit up, dust myself off and continue onwards. 

Or better yet, you can read along on my daily adventures and nod your head in understanding at why sometimes I don’t always succeed. I’d much prefer the latter but heck, if you really need entertainment value, go along with the first.

Anyways. Rule #10 , the very last one I made, because it was HARD for me to commit to was the NO MORE manicures, pedicures, lip/eyebrow waxing (What???), professional hair coloring ($200 plus a pop) and so on. Yeah. What was I thinking when I committed to THAT?? Hubby is most likely going to be calling a divorce attorney, or maybe just a mediator if the grey hair gets any further along …

So I’ve been on a mission for DIY stuff. Which I’ve actually been doing for awhile but the waxing thing was really far off the priority list. I figured I would just, you know, TWEEZE. Huh. Yeah right. Owee mommy!

Then I thought, shave. But ummm, I really do not want the 5:00 shadow on MY face at 5pm every day 😦 So last time I was at Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon (it was still the Year of SPEND, 2011!) I came across this little box:

Well, if it’s the WINNER (BEAUTY AWARDS) 2010 READERS CHOICE then heck, it’s gotta be worth something, don’t you think?

Ick. Sorry for the repulsive looking picture … but I’m just proving to you that YES, it works. And honestly, I think it was LESS painful than a salon lip wax.

Wanna know how it goes?

Take this little wipe (I stuck it back in a ziploc, only 4 came in the package and it’s a big wipe) and wipe the area to be waxed. Let it air dry a few seconds.

Take this little thing and roll it back and forth between your hands briskly to ‘warm up’ the wax inside.

Get up close and personal with the mirror and LOOK at which way the hair you want to remove is growing. This is sort of important in that you want the wax to be applied the length of hair so you apply it the way the hair grows.

Apply wax. If wax is difficult to spread/apply, put cap back on and rub again til its more fluid. If you make an oopsie and apply it right over the eyebrow, grab a qtip, get it wet with water and remove the wax. This stuff is beautiful in that water removes it but don’t let water get on the wax applicator as it deactivates!

Take this handy little strip of fabric, and lay it across the wax, rubbing with your finger to get a good ‘seal’ on the wax (and hair). Gently pull skin tighter, count to 3 and PULL THE STRIP OFF in opposite direction of the hair growth.

Breathe. Peek at the strip. Say OMG where did all that hair come from. (Really, is it not ethical to tell a female that she’s due for a lip wax? I wish someone had told ME!)

Touch up any remaining wax/hair/stuff that may be remaining and rinse with cool water to remove residue.  Also rinse out the strip of fabric and let dry (they can be reused).

There. I know that I saved $10 just then. That little box cost me $4.99 less 20%. And I’m sure it could last me another 8 episodes … Yep, I’d say that’s pretty Frugal!

So how about it, do YOU wax your own eyebrows and lips? Or get it done? Or don’t do anything at all? Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “DIY Beauty – Uhhh… Waxing

  1. I've been doing my own waxing, deep cleansing facials, manicures and pedicures for years, I also colour my own hair and a friend cuts it – i wax my own eye brows lip and chin


  2. Thats good, and that is why you have QUEEN in your name 🙂 So … any tips on the hair coloring? I'm getting close to needing it and years ago used to have Hubby do it for me … takes 2 boxes as I have a lot of hair …


  3. Interesting LOL I need to do my lips I never have but sometimes you catch that view in the light and your like EWWW where did that come from? Eyebrows I either have gotten threaded at the mall or just plain plucked by me.


  4. You will be saying the same thing I did then when you do the lips the first time! Never did threading as I thought it sounded painful although I'm sure it's not more so than any other option … youtube has some videos on how to do if interested! Hate plucking!


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