Week 9 Grocery Roundup

This $20 a week thing isn’t so very bad, YET. I’m sure if I was to continue for an extended period of time it would become troublesome, but for now, it’s doable.

Hubby was pretty cool in that he cooked quite a bit while I was gone, using stuff from the freezers and such. Good Man that he is!

Here’s what I got for the week (I go Sunday to Saturday on my weeks):

1 quart of half and half
2 containers digiornos shredded parm cheese (out and these were b1g1f, instead of Costco)
1 bag of steam veggies (for a soup)
1 large bag of sweet mini peppers (instead of  Costco, they cost $5.99 vs $4 something)
1 container of fresh salsa (instead of Costco, cost $2.99)
Total: $15.76 (used 2 $1 off coupons)

Left with $3.24 for the remainder of week. Wanted a lemon for these drinks to make Friday, but they were 3 for $1.99 … yikes! So I decided to just try it with lemon juice (in fridge already) … keep an eye out for the Rosemarie Gin Fizz (a word play on rosemary, the herb … Hubby and I have too much fun with the word).

Of course, I had SECOND THOUGHTS about the lemon juice and ended up stopping at Whole Foods (!!) to get a single lonely lemon. And proceeded to buy:

1 lemon 69 cents
lb of organic strawberries $2
2 mineolas $2.47
2 lbs 90/10 ground beef $8.14 (it was $3.99/lb, great deal!)
rotisserie chicken $7.99 (extremely weak moment, using for dinner Friday but dang, it’s petite)
baby romaine lettuce $3.99 less 55 cents
baby spinach $3.99 less 55 cents
32 oz yogurt $3.69 less 75 cents
Total? $31.59. Crumb.

Total for week is $47.35. Holey smokes. That’s over 2 weeks worth of budget crunch. Uggg.

I need to go make the Rosemarie Fizz …

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