Menu Plan Monday – Week 10

Ahhh … it’s Monday, time to plan that menu!

I’ve been fighting a cold since Saturday. May have taken too much stuff as Sunday I slept all day long. And then went to bed at 8:30pm and slept til 6am. But I do feel better, just a little stuffy. Not so well rested but that just goes to say that sleeping too much is never a good thing. I apparently needed the rest though.

Princess is on her way to pick up Sonny Boy this morning. She left at 5am. Yikes. I guess she wants to enjoy her day off somewhat by getting there and back here within a reasonable time. 3 hours minimum each way soo … I don’t know.

I am still trying to stick with the $20 a week challenge but fell off the wagon on Saturday and did a big shop at Publix. Yeah. I was weak (that’s when I was starting to feel the cold coming on) … I was thinking that Sonny Boy is coming home and I have no food for him to snack on. What kind of mother am I if I didn’t buy stuff?? 🙂 … that doesn’t make me feel ANY BETTER, trust me.

So with him being here, our menu plan will be a little different!

Sunday – slept through it but I believe Hubby made some soup for himself

Monday – Chicken and veggie basic stir fry (just chicken breast cut up and then a little veggies with some chicken broth to keep it moist, workout night)

Tuesday – Cubanos (pork in freezer)

Wednesday – Hubby and the boat dude need to run the boat tonight so I will need to come up with something to feed everyone, thinking maybe bbq pork in the crockpot (use the leftover pork from freezer) and fries?

Thursday – Mac and cheese (freezer) with smoked sausage (freezer)

Friday – Big pasta dinner with spaghetti and red sauce, salad and garlic bread. I’ve got everything on hand already!

Saturday – we are going to host a bbq for the kids and some of our friends too. Burgers, hot dogs and stuff along that line.

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Week 10

  1. Oh those Cubanos look tasty. Great looking menu. Feel better.


  2. Thank you Janet … it's been a rough week but I managed to pull through without getting to the dr. Thanks for stopping by!


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