A Plastic Shoebox

Is such a useful thing to have in the KITCHEN.

Yeah. It’s not in the closet holding shoes (I’m sorry raise your hand if you store shoes in a plastic shoebox please, I need to know!)

On to the purpose of this post (which has NOTHING to do with shoes!)

Jackie Brown over at Mom On A Mission (great site for freezer foody stuff by the way!) turned me on to this little trick.

Thaw your frozen foods in a plastic shoebox to prevent that condensation on you refrigerator shelf.

Huh. Brilliant.

Bet you never thought about that. Probably did what I used to do and put the stuff on a plate that was never big enough, bag hanging over the sides, dripping water (hopefully that’s all!). Or maybe you wrapped that package of meat in a towel to prevent water and such from leaking out …

Yeah. That’s all over now. Plastic Shoebox. $5 for 4 from Target over the summer. Better yet, scrounge one from Princess when she tosses her shoes (umm, yes, she’s one of them odd ducks that does store her numerous shoes in plastic boxes. Honestly, I do not know where she came from!)

Wanna take it one step further? Hubby did. He marinates his stuff in that SAME shoe box. O. M. G. !!! Please, do not give me the stuff about BPA and all that … I’m well aware of it, but I also like my food to taste good, and if that plastic shoe box gets me closer to it, I’m all for it! AND it’s not like we marinate for a week at a time, just a few hours …

I mean, seriously, look how perfect … large open bottom, flat, square corners,
PERFECT for marinating!

Veggies and Steaks marinating … and my favorite: showercaps!

Me? I thaw my frozen stuff in the guest fridge, in a plastic shoebox. I also will toss in the remaining ingredients to make a meal complete for easier prep (hey, I work long hours, work out after work AND still expect good food, I’ll do what I have to do to make it happen!)

Cheese and beef were both frozen

AND … best of all, in my opinion? The rectangle shape fits so much better than an awkward large round bowl does in the fridge … I’ve had 3 of these lined up on a shelf in the past (I’m lucky, I have 3 full size fridges and the bar fridge) … way better than the mixing bowls, trust me!

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2 thoughts on “A Plastic Shoebox

  1. Ok…..now that was a great tip! I just saw this when I was reading about your Updated Ranchy Steaks.


  2. Great idea. Saves wiping down the fridge shelves!


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