Happy Hour Friday! Espresso Martini

Last Friday I was DETERMINED to try and get back in to the swing of things and I REFUSED to be sick anymore!!

So here’s what I choose for my Friday night poison:

Espresso Martini(s)

Figured one, maybe 2 and it turned in to 4 because each batch filled up the martini glass 2 times …

Van Gogh Double Espresso VodkaKahluaNewman's Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee

1 part (shot) espresso vodka (double espresso Van Gough)
1 part (shot) Kahlua
2 parts (shots) iced coffee (strong brewed)

Add ice to shaker and add all ingredients.

Shake and then strain in to a martini glass and serve. 

Really easy to make. I made the coffee in the Keurig using the middle size to brew. Tossed the glass  of coffee in the freezer to chill for awhile before making (probably an hour or so?).  I already had the rest of the ingredients on hand from the proposed Christmas Party that didn’t happen (mom passed away) … so it stayed within my self imposed “Frugal Guidelines” (post coming soon!) …

These were really yummy. And I need to do it again to give you some pictures … unfortunately, drinking does NOTHING for sinus infections … I woke up with a major congestion issue and 2 key spots where the sinuses where just swollen and inflamed 😦 … NO it was not a hangover as pressure under the eye and over the eye (same eye) relieved the pain … but regardless … I felt like crap. But it was fun while it lasted Friday … a quick text message to a couple of friends resulted in an impromptu fry fest (made a dent in the garage freezer!) with a few close friends, all out by midnight!

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