Menu Plan Monday – Week 11

It’s time for the weekly menu plan!

I’m going to try and avoid the grocery store this week (even though there are some good deals right now, I just need to say NO) … so using what i have on hand and improvising as needed … helps that Hubby and Sonny Boy did a run to Costco for me on Friday …

We also have a few leftovers to eat up so that will help out for after the gym a few nights this week … thankfully since I am going to try and get FOCUSED.

PS – YES I do know it’s St. Patrick’s Day on Friday … it’s also our 10 Year Life Celebration (10 years ago Hubby had a near death motorcycle accident, definitely life changing)

Sunday – I really wanted to make Chicken Parmesan with pasta, garden salad and garlic bread (going to use these new Fresh Take things from Kraft, got them for 50 cents each) BUT reality set in so we had leftover brats and sauerkraut

Monday – mashed potatoes with beef brisket (leftovers!)

Tuesday – Tuna Melts (need to put up MY review!) with a small salad (tuna in pantry)

Wednesday – should be date night, but I think we will stay in … IF we do, the Chicken Parmesan is still on 🙂

Thursday – Cobb salad

Friday – I’m not sure which night, but I believe friends will be over either tonight or Saturday, so these two are interchangeable – Shrimp Scampi with rice and a small salad (shrimp in freezer)

Saturday – Skewers using chicken thighs, onions and sweet peppers (chicken in freezer)
What are you cooking this week??

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3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Week 11

  1. Sounds like a yummy week 🙂


  2. How in the heck did this publish on March 17th 2012?? LOL We used the fresh takes Kraft thing last night with chili lime and it was very tasty! Much more flavor than I thought it would have. I need to get my coupons together and go tomorrow and use the cashiers yellow flyer. All of my stores are out of them but supposedly they will honor if you specifically mention the coupon.


  3. make sure you check out as there are 2 days left of the sale on the yellow flyer with good deals on the ben & jerrys and chip stuff for Thursday and Friday. Alas, I won't be shopping 🙂


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