Chicago Style Hot Dogs

It’s bad that whenever we go to visit family in the Midwest, (Chicago to be exact), the first thing Hubby does is start looking for a hot dog stand … all he wants is a Dog. Chicago Style. Even my kids, the pickiest one of them all, enjoys them. Not sure if it’s the sport pepper or what …

Heck, even I like them and they have mustard and relish on them! Two things I don’t particularly care for!

So we try to recreate things that we like at home … and of course, these are pretty dang easy. So much so that when Princess had to contribute to a “Food Tradition” project at school her senior year, this is what she took … (we added green food coloring to the relish to make it brighter green and cut the dogs and buns in half)

Here’s what you need:

Dogs … these need to be a good quality dog. This time around I used the Oscar Meyer Select Chicago style dogs. I like these as they don’t have a whole lot of extras in them!

Buns – squishy white buns. If you can find them, with black sesame seeds. I can never find!

Relish  (sweet)

Yellow mustard

diced white onions

sport peppers – these are super hot and I never eat them but a little juice is kind of good

tomato – either thin wedged or slices (never diced!)

pickle spear

Cook your dogs in a large skillet with a little water in the pan to sort of steam fry them.

Cool Grill Pan
With a heavy lid to press down on

Squirt mustard on one side of bun. Place your tomato (if using) on other side. Add n your hot dog and top with onions on side and relish on other. Put the pickle over the top and the sport pepper along side. Squish bun and enjoy over a plate!

LOVE potato rolls!
Condiments … this is what makes it a Chicago Style Hot Dog

We didn’t do the tomato or the pickle spear as you see, therefore it was NOT dragged through the garden.

Not a necessity but it brings back memories of the Midwest for me
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9 thoughts on “Chicago Style Hot Dogs

  1. Yummy yummy 🙂 thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays….


  2. No matter how much I dive into the world of food (never a foodie though), I will always (and I mean always) be a sucker for a good hotdog! Love seeing another hotdog enthusiast.Haydn


  3. What is better than a great hot dog? I LOVE them!


  4. I do love hot dogs, although I only eat them as a treat 🙂 I think the green pickle relish is my favourite bit. It's not easily available in the UK, and I sometimes even bring it back with me when we travel to the US! I'm visiting from Ann Kroeker's Food on Friday. It's nice to discover your blog!


  5. I've never had one of these! I love all the condiments included in the sandwich. Maybe I'll do a hot dog night buffet style once Lent is over just so I can put a lot of condiments on mine.


  6. We love Chicago dogs! Everytime I try to make them for dinner I leave out one ingredient and my husband will sadly say \”Where is the ?\” I really love Chicago and miss the stands also.


  7. I love a good dog period. When I was down south, I learned to eat them with cole slaw. So yummy!


  8. I love a good stand too! My fav is in Hollywood, CA, called \”Scooby's\” and their secret specialty was making fry sauce on the range in front of you by roasting bell peppers on the fire. Blenderized it and bam it was amazing with the dog. *ahhhhh*


  9. I'm with ya on the Chicago dog! Nothing beats it. We have family in Chicago and once we got off the plane at 9am and headed straight for a Chicago dog breakfast!!! Thanks for sharing at Dwell on Friday!


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