Menu Plan Monday – Week 15

I’m back from my trip northward to get my dad.

Can I tell you how very glad I am to be home? At last? Of course, there is a little anxiety with my dad being here. Hoping he remembers what I’ve told him and to NOT try to walk the 3 blocks to the beach. He doesn’t understand that there is a major road (A1A) with a LOT of traffic that you have to cross and there are not any crosswalks so to speak. Uggg.

Anyways, Hubby was sweet and made the ham and my scalloped potatoes so we could have a little dinner when we got home, even though it was 8:30pm. That’s ok, my dad needed to eat. And I think that was very kind for him to welcome my dad like that. It’s been a rough conversion but it will all work in the end.

Most likely I will NOT get to the gym again. That will be 3 weeks now. Uggg. Just not right but I need to make sure that dinner is ready at a reasonable time for my dad. I keep telling myself this is only temporary until I get the assisted living place together.

Anyways … here’s what we are planning (and remember, my dad is a very bad diabetic, 70 to 400 on any given day with 5 shots of insulin)

Sunday – ham and scalloped taters, sliced tomatoes and deviled eggs

Monday – Hubby tossed a big hunk of beef in the crockpot, so I’m guessing something along the lines off BBQ beef? I really do appreciate him doing this (and it’s catching my off guard!)

Tuesday – Chicken of sorts, probably a quick stirfry

Wednesday – Taco salad (using the ground turkey I bought from Costco before trip)

Thursday – Chicken Pasta Cesar Salad

Friday – Burgers or dogs (not sure which yet) with onion rings.

Saturday – Do not have a clue … we eat late on Friday’s and Saturdays so may just make my dad a McChix Sandwich and small salad on the side and then we will eat later.

I am seriously lacking motivation for the week … does it show?

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